What is DCP, What is the full form of DCP

The full form of DCP is Deputy Commissioner Police, it is also called Deputy Chief  Police, DCP is a high level post.

What is DCP, What is the full form of DCP in english

The uniform of the Deputy Commissioner of Police or Senior Superintendent  of Police has the mark of Ashoka Pillar and two stars, and in many places SSP and SP are also called Commissioner of Police (DCP), DCP is a very big post, DCP district in big cities. is the head of.

Every people who are in any rank in the police, they all have this dream that they become DCP one day, and they work hard to become DCP.

If you want to get DCP post, or want to make DCP, there is no direct recruitment for this, you can become DCP only through promotion, before getting promotion you must be SP or SSP, only after you become SSP Eligible to become DCP. And you are made DCP by the big officers.

To become a DCP, you must also have some qualifications which are seen as follows, first of all you must be an Indian citizen and must be graduate from any university, your physical efficiency is also seen, and at the same time Your Medical Fitness checkup is also done etc. Things are also seen.

And if I talk about age, your age should generally be from 21 to 35, and there is a little difference in different categories.

If I talk about how much salary I get, I would like to tell you that DCP gets 50000 to 60000 salary, and apart from this, he also gets grade pay.

In this article you learned what is DCP and DCP full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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