What is DCA, What is the full form of DCA

The full form of DCA is Diploma in Computer Application, DCA is a 6 month computer course, but if you do adca instead of dca then probably you will not need to do DCA.

DCA is a better course for those who do not have any knowledge of computer at all, and if you have general knowledge about computer, then you should do a bigger computer course than DCA which can prove to be better for you.

What is DCA, What is the full form of DCA

The full form of DCA is  Diploma in Computer Application , in DCA we are given some basic information about computer and some computer software, which we can use for small purpose.

By the way, dca and adca are such courses, whose knowledge is necessary for today’s generation, because the use of computer is increasing very fast and we are not saying that you become computer expert by doing dca, because no one A person cannot become a computer expert by doing DCA, but still after doing DCA, he can do normal computer knowledge according to the time.

What happens when you do DCA

There is no other high level computer course, rather it gives basic knowledge of computer, one gets to read about hardware and software of computer, and by doing DCA one can also get low level computer jobs.

How long is the DCA course

DCA computer course is of total 6 months which is half of ADCA, and we get to read half of ADCA information in DCA.

In this article you have learned what is DCA and DCA full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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