What is credit card, Credit Card meaning in english

A credit card is a plastic card that is issued as a loan by a financial company of a bank, on which a fixed amount is given as a loan, from which the cardholder can use the amount as per his wish. But that amount also has to be paid back.

what is credit card

A credit card is a loan and a credit card looks like a debit card, but its working method is different from that of a debit card, because that credit card account on the credit card is only in that credit card, so that any bank account can be directly connected to it. There is no connection, the credit card is issued considering your income and credit score, your income and credit score decides how much your credit limit will be.

credit card features


The credit card requires the credit card holder’s name to be verified so that the user’s identity is present on the front of the credit card.

Credit Card Number

Credit card number is 16 digits which is present on the front side of the credit card, and is divided into 4 – 4 digits, this number is mainly used for any transaction.

expiry date

The expiry date of the credit card is present on the front side of that credit card and after that expiry date it will stop working cricket, and you will have to get a new credit card issued by your credit card company.


CVV is the most important 3-digit code mainly used for security and verification purposes, which is present on the back side of the credit card.

What is a credit card

All types of online payments can be made using a credit card, and even if you do not have any funds in your account, you still have the amount in the credit card as it is given as a loan.

What are the benefits of credit card

Credit card and debit card behave the same in different types of transactions, but in different types of payment, credit card can get you good discounts, if you shop online, order food online, you have to have a credit card. Can save a lot, as there are often offers on a wide variety of products that offer some percentage off with a credit card, and if you have a credit card, you can take advantage of that discount, having a credit card But you can shop online on EMI.

What are the types of credit cards

What is the message type of credit card Method Different finance companies and banks provide different types of debit cards.

What are the disadvantages of credit cards

Although there is no direct credit card damage, but if you do not pay the credit card on time, your credit score can get spoiled, and if you do not pay the credit card in full, you will also be subject to legal action.

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