What is BCA, What is the full form of BCA

BCA is a very good course for students interested in computer, because BCA is a primary course to go into computer line, BCA is a graduation course and that too in computer science, just like students of BA art side. It is best for, Bsc is best for science students and there is a graduation course, exactly the same BCA is also there, the only difference is that it is computer science.

Although almost everyone can get BA, Bsc studies and degrees, because everyone can do them because their fees are not very high, but BCA is a very expensive course, about which you will get information here, and You will know what is the full form of BCA so that you can make a plan to do BCA.

If you want to do BCA, your science and math should be better, because even though BCA is computer science, math and science are also used to a great extent, and the biggest thing is that your English should be better, even if You may not be fast and furious in English, but it is so important that if someone speaks or writes something in English, you can easily understand.

Because the first thing is to study in BCA in total English, and let’s assume that if you are weak in English but do not worry, you can do BCA, but along with admission in BCA your task. You should also study BCA and make your English perfect, so that when you complete BCA, you can get a job in the company, and also get a good salary package.

Because all the work in computer science is done in English, whether it is computer programming or any work in computer science.

What is BCA, What is the full form of BCA

The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application , BCA is a three year computer science course, which can also be called a graduation course, and can also be called engineering course, BCA for software engineering will prove to be a right decision, Because through BCA, students are made deeply aware of computer science.

Although you can get a job only after doing BCA, but if you can, definitely do MCA after BCA because when you complete BCA you are a bachelor in computer science, but after doing MCA, you are a master in computer science. It means that you are fully versed in computer science, which increases the chances of a better job and salary package.

But for doing BCA, you may have to pay a huge amount of 1 – 5 lakh INR, although there will be cheap colleges, where you can also do BCA for around 50000 INR, but it depends on you which one you want. Where do you live and which college do you want to join for BCA?

If you want to check which college of BCA is closest to your location, cheap, expensive for BCA, their rank, facilities etc., you can check from this URL https://www.shiksha.com/ it-software/colleges/BCA-colleges-india/ From this URL you can find the perfect college for you.

For admission in BCA, it is necessary that you have completed 12th, and that too from maths, if you have completed 12th from maths, you can easily take admission in any college, but if you have done 12th from Bio then Admission will not be available in all colleges.

In this article, what is your learned BA, we hope this information, what is the full form of BA, will prove useful for you.

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