What is ASI, What is the full form of ASI

The full form of ASI is Assistant Sub Inspector , it is a post above Head Constable and below Sub Inspector.

What is ASI

There are many functions of ASI such as in-charge of police post or investigation center can be made, apart from this, preparing reports of incidents for seniors, maintaining law and order in the country, etc.

The uniform of the ASI consists of a star, with a red and blue striped stripe on the outer edge of the shoulder leaves.

They can also be made in charge of a police post or an investigation center, in which the responsibility of maintaining law and order in their area, and handling the incidents there, also becomes the responsibility of the assistant sub inspector (ASI).

Apart from this, the work of preparing the report of incidents for seniors, all the financial related works in the police station, that is, the work related to money, it is the work of ASI to menage them all.

And apart from the police station, they can also be appointed in any other departments like government railway police, traffic police, anti corruption bureau, st sc cell etc.

The ASI in the police station is usually in charge of the magistrate, and in training centers they are the chief drill officers, after working as ASI promotion, assistant sub inspector, they are promoted to the sub inspector, and then the inspector and can be done as DSP

And in some states, direct recruitment of ASI is also done, so in this way there may be different recruitment process for different states, the salary of ASI is around 35000 to 55000 salary.

In this article you got information about what is ASI and ASI full form in English, we hope this information will prove useful for you.

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