What is ASHA, What is the full form of ASHA

If you are a woman and you want to do a job on the posts of Asha Bahu, and you do not know what are the qualifications we should have to get a job in Asha Bahu, or what are the criteria for this post, today Through this post, I will inform you all about Asha Bahu Recruitment .

What is ASHA, What is the full form of ASHA

The full form of ASHA is  Accredited Social Health Activist, and is known by different names in different states, such as – Asha worker, Asha Bahu or Asha Sister etc. goes.

And their main work is to provide awareness to women in all those rural areas or areas, and take care of their health, in which pregnant women are taken care of and their delivery, as well as vaccinating children, about cleanliness or The work of giving information about all the diseases they have and their prevention, and after the birth of the child, going to their home and taking care of them for 42 days is done by the ASHA worker.

Asha Bahu is selected in rural and urban areas under the National Health Mission, staying at the village level under the National Health Mission (NHM) program in the District Health Offices of the Health Department of the Central and State Governments.

There are many women who want to do any government job by staying at their home, and even if they are educated, the job of Asha daughter-in-law can be a better option, in which any woman who is married and with some Even if she has done her studies, she can help her family in running her family by doing a job of Asha daughter-in-law.

asha bahu recruitment

Before applying for the recruitment of Asha Bahu, you should know about Asha Bahu, and what are their responsibilities, and what is its work, and in this way one can join Asha Bahu, what is its selection process? Yes, it is very important to have information about all these.

What should be the qualification for ASHA worker

If you want to do a job on the posts of Asha Bahu, as you would know that to get any government or contract job, you have different educational qualifications for different posts, and if the educational qualification for Asha Bahu is Talking about ASHA, ASHA should primarily be a resident woman of the village, ASHA should have effective communication skills, leadership qualities and should be able to reach out to the community, so that they can manage the health related issues in their assigned area. And for this, it is also necessary to study at least up to class VIII, or even better if 8th class, 10th pass or equivalent, and should also be married.

Age for hope (married, talaqsuda)

The age criteria for Asha Bahu is as follows, for Asha Bahu, your age should be at least 20 years, and maximum should be 25 years, that is, if you are between 20 -25 years old, only you You can apply for the post of Asha Bahu,

Age Range
 minimum age 20 years
maximum age 25 years

There is also some relaxation in age for some classes, but it is not certain whether this relaxation will be available, or will not be available, whenever a vacancy is released, a notification is also issued with it, its information is given in it. .

Asha’s Salary

There are many opinions involved in the salary of ASHA worker / daughter-in-law because the salary of ASHA worker is not the same at all locations, mainly the salary of ASHA worker is between 2000 – 5000 rupees, and they are given as honorarium which is It is very little.

Along with this, he gets money in many other ways, such as Rs 75 for complete vaccination, Rs 40 for reporting the death of the child and Rs 300-600 for going to the hospital with a pregnant woman, etc. May be different for different states.

Application Fee

No or any kind of application fee or examination fee is applicable for Asha Bahu, although application fee may be applicable in some states but higher or free of cost, for all categories.

How to recruit ASHA worker

The selection process for Asha Bahu is as follows, Asha Bahu is selected through a rigorous selection process involving various community groups, self-help groups, anganwadi institutions, block nodal officers, district nodal officers, village health committees and gram sabhas. Means the selection process for the recruitment of Asha Bahu will be based on Interview & Merit.

In this article you learned What is ASHA and ASHA full form in English We hope this information will be useful for you.

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