What is ADCA, What is the full form of ADCA

Often when people make the idea of ​​doing computer courses, this question definitely comes in their mind that what should be done in computer, that is, which course should be done in which we can get good information, so for most of the basic information, an average Maximum people choose ADCA, and it is also necessary for the next generation to have knowledge of ADCA, because if you want to use computer then ADCA is able to give you basic information of computer.

Not only this, but you can also do a job after doing adca course, some top level software also comes under adca which is used by all small and big companies.

What is ADCA, what is the full form of ADCA

The full form of ADCA is advance diploma in computer application , ADCA is a general course in computer adca one year means 12 months course, in adca you are given some top softwares and basic knowledge of computer.

Under ADCA, you will also be given some information about many small and big softwares and internet, such as all the software of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Excel, Access, Powerpoint etc., besides typing, internet information, paint, photo editing, Video Editing, Computer Hardware, History of Computer, Tally etc.

Who can do ADCA

Anyone can do ADCA computer course, and for this you should have at least 10th pass

What is the fees of ADCA

The fees of ADCA course may vary depending on all the institutions, however, if we talk about rural areas, you will be able to do ADCA course at a very low fee, because almost monthly is up to 500 i.e. you will have to pay approximately 6000 INR to complete the course. and if you do it from government institution then you can do in around 10000, and in urban areas also it may cost around 10 to 15000.

Although in many rural areas, the fees of ADCA are only 300 to 500, that is, 300 or even 400, so in a way, you can say that in rural areas you will find it much cheaper to do it.

How much salary do I get after doing ADS?

Day by day almost all the work is becoming computer based, and due to which the demand for computer operators is increasing continuously, so if you do any computer course, there can be a great job opportunity for you and Even if you have done the ADCA course, you can still get a salary of around 15000 to 20000, although it is difficult to say the actual salary, because in many conditions people who have done ADCA are also able to get salary from 25 to 30,000, Whereas many people get salary only from 10 to 15000.

What are the benefits of doing ADCA

ADCA is a very mind computer course, it is not necessary that if you want to do job somewhere or want to go in computer line, you should do ADCA, but ADCA is also necessary because through ADCA you get basic knowledge of computer. and at this time no one has a fixed job anywhere, so even if you want to do something else, you want to become something, but if you do ADCA computer course, it will be a better opportunity for you, Because with this you will have more chances to get the job because most of the companies are doing computer based work, even in hotel mall etc. computer based work is being done a lot.

So in that case you might be eligible for these jobs.

  • Data Entry Operator
  • office executive
  • accountant
  • graphic designer
  • typist/writer
  • front office executive
  • photo editor etc.

What is taught in ADCA course

ADCA includes Microsoft Excel, Access, Powerpoint etc. Apart from this, knowledge of typing, internet, paint, photo editing, video editing, computer hardware, history of computer, tally etc. is taught.

How long is the ADCA course

The ADCA course is of 12 months i.e. one year, which can be done along with other courses.

In this article you have learned what is ADCA, and ADCA full form in English We hope this information will be useful for you.

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