What is Aadhar card

Aadhaar is a unique identity certificate operated by the Government of India, is necessary for everyone, for which the government also provides website and all the services related to Aadhaar are present on it, on which the Aadhaar card holder can go and solve the queries related to the Aadhar card. and can make some changes.

If you want to make aadhar card, then make an appointment for aadhar enrollment center, change address, change mobile number, download aadhar etc by Aadhar card website There are many such services which can be used by the aadhar card holder using the aadhaar website.

Rest of the Aadhar card website is mainly used by Aadhar Enrollment Center because Aadhar Enrollment Center Agents also do Aadhar generation, changes etc. Rather, you can do it by visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment Center and the whole process is processed through the Aadhaar card website UIDAI.gov.in

Along with this, the application of Aadhar card is also provided, which you can download from Play Store, their information is given below.

AADHAAR Card Website: uidai.gov.in

App : play.google.com

Aadhaar centre near me | How to search aadhar enrollment centre

If you want to make any changes in the Aadhar card like address, mobile number downloading Aadhar card etc, but for major changes in Aadhar card or to make a new Aadhar card then you have to go to Aadhar Card Enrollment Center.

There are many Aadhar Card Enrollment Centers available in your area, but people do not know about it, its solution is to search Aadhar Card Center online and you will get the exact information, the process of which is given below, The first way is to go to the official website of Aadhar card and search for Aadhar card center by entering your area code.

This is the easiest way because just you have to enter your postal code and all the aadhar card centers around your location will appear but if you want other methods also you can try which are state and search box, Simply click on the state instead of postal code above and select the state and your district and after that city and  solve captcha code. All Aadhar card centers near you will appear, After that, if you want, you can also use the search box, just click on the search box above and enter the name of your village / city and search by entering the captcha below.

  • Another way to search Aadhar card center is Google, for this, first you have to turn on your GPS ie location and then search Aadhar card center near me and you will get the option of Google Map above in which all Aadhar card centers will be pointed. Open it Aadhar card center which is closest to your location, you can visit and before visiting it will be better to take appointment.

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