How to check bijli bill using UPPCL UPPCLonline

UPPCL Online i.e. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited, anyone can check their electricity bill and also make bill payment for which you should have electricity account number and internet access

How to check Online Bill using UPPCLonline

  • First of all go to and enter your electricity account number and captcha given below
  • Click on submit button Next page your account balance bill will appear

If you want, you will also get the option of print below, you can also print the bill by clicking on it, but such a need will be required only when you are running a shop, but now you are checking your own bill, then it will not be needed because You can also take a screenshot of this, you have checked, then you are not going to need receiving.

So you have checked your electricity bill using UPPCL online and you can also pay from here if you want.

How to make a Bill payment

  • You have checked your bill using UPPCL Online by the above process, below on the same page you will get the option of Pay Now, click on it
  • On this page you will get the payment method in which you will get net banking UPI QR code valid etc. You can select the method you like.
  • If you select Debit card option option then on the next page you will have to enter your debit card number, name and expiry date, after that OTP will come on your mobile number, which will have to be entered and complete the payment.
  • If you can use UPI then you have to enter your UPI ID and message will be sent to your UPI account which will be of payment and you have to upload it Your payment will be successful by UPPCL Online

If you are from urban area then use this method to pay your bill

UPPCL Bill Payment

  • First of all go to and enter your electricity account number and some numbers will be given below solve them and click view your electricity bill will appear on the next page


  • If you do not have your electricity account number then you can also use your registered mobile number if your mobile number is linked with your electricity bill account then go to and click on registered mobile number in right side and select your mobile Enter the number Solve the numbers given below and click on view Your electricity bill will appear


  • If you want to pay your electricity bill using UPPCL Online then click on Pay Now button
  • On the next page you will get many payment options UPI Credit Card Debit Card etc.
  • If you want to make payment by debit card then select debit card option and enter your date debit card details like number your name expiry date and process OTP will be sent on your number and complete the payment
  • If you choose any other payment option then you can enter its details in the same way as if you select UPI then enter your UPI number and message will be sent to your UPI account Approve the payment Your payment will be successful

UPPCL manages the Uttar Pradesh electricity which means Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. Any resident of Uttar Pradesh can pay his bill using UPPCL online, in the methods mentioned here, first way for rural areas and second way for urban areas. For this, use the method of the area you belong to and according to the given information, after checking your bill, you can also pay if you want on UPPCL online, you can rest assured and enter the requested information, it will not harm you UPPCL Online.

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