How to check UP Scholarship Status

We have seen many times that we have to check our scholarship whether our scholarship has come this year or not but due to lack of knowledge yo check scholarship we face some problem. So, if you want to check the scholarship by yourself and you are having trouble in checking then you do not need to worry, in this you will get the information.

How to check UP Scholarship Status

If you want to check your scholarship, then you can mainly check it by two ways, because it is government service, because of this, scholarship can also be checked only on the official website of the government. For information, let me tell you that the official website of scholarship can be seen from both and

How to check up scholarship status using

If you want to check your scholarship through website, then you can check very easily, follow these steps to check scholarship from this website.

  • First you search by entering in your computer and find the status tab or go here
  • As soon as you click on the link, the official website of the scholarship will open.
  • Now you enter your registration number in the registration number in this page
  • And in the second box enter your date of birth and click on search
  • After clicking on the search, if your scholarship has come, then it will show

So in this way you can easily check your scholarship through

How to check scholarship status using

And another way is pfms, with the help of which you can check your scholarship, and let me tell you for information that pfms is a website through which you can see any kind of fund received by the government of India, For example, all such facilities like housing, scholarship, honor fund etc., whatever we get by the government in the form of encouragement, you can check it very easily through this website.

    • First of all, you search by entering the official website in your mobile or computer.
    • Or click on this link to go to the website to check direct scholarship – Click Here
      When you click on this link a page like this will open से scholarship check करें 

  • Now on this page you enter the name of your bank in the first box.
  • and enter your bank account number in the second box
  • And in the third box enter your account number again
  •  in the fourth box click on the above mentioned code and click on “send OTP on Registration mobile no”
  • an OTP will come to your number, by entering it you can see your scholarship, what is its status.

So you can check your scholarship of any year in this way, I hope that you will have understood well to check up scholarship Status.

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