How to activate UAN

UAN number is the most important part of PF account because without UAN number you will not be able to enter in your PF account but when the company provides you UAN number then it is not activated then first you have to activate your UAN number and Only after that you will be able to login to your PF account.

How to activate UAN number

  • You must have your UAN number
  • need aadhar card number
  • Must have PAN card number
  • need mobile number

But UAN number will be mainly used for UAN activation because in most of the cases it is seen that the Aadhar card or PAN card is not already linked in the PF account of the moat peoples, which the employer can do if he wants.

UAN Activation

First of all go to and here you will get the option to login but now you cannot log in by entering your UAN number because your UAN number is not activated yet

  • Go to and click on Activate UAN in the below important link
  • There will be many ways of UAN activation, which includes Member ID, Aadhar card, PAN card and UAN, but you may not be able to activate your UAN number with PAN card and Aadhar card If the card is not linked to your PF account, in this situation you should select the UAN number
  • Click on UAN number and enter your UAN number in the next box
  • The rest which are below three options member id pan card aadhar card and you don’t have to do anything let them remain as they are and below that you will get the name box enter your name
  • Then enter your date of birth entering by your mobile number and email
  • In the last you will get the option of captcha, enter captcha and click on Get Authorization code
  • Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, enter it and click on Validate OTP and Activate UAN

Your UAN number has been activated and the password has been sent to your mobile number. Now you can log in to the EPF member portal by entering your UAN number and the password that has been sent to your mobile number and if you wish, you can You can also change your password accordingly, but when your UAN number is activated, then at that time generates your password and sends it to your number and if after that you ever want to change your password, then go to the EPF member portal and click on Forget Password and create new password by entering credentials.

After UAN Activation

When your UAN is activated, after that you will have to complete some important things in your PF account, which includes doing KYC, including Aadhar card, PAN card and bank account, all you have to do is login to your PF account and go to KYC By clicking on Manage, do the KYC one by one.

So when your UAN number is activated then you can do almost everything in your PF account but can not do some things which are to see the balance, yes you have to log in to your EPF passbook to view the balance but If you have just activated your UAN, then you will have to wait for at least 6 hours, before that it cannot be logged in PF passbook, maybe you will have to wait for more than 10 hours or 12 hours.

So there is nothing to worry about, just wait for some time and after that you will be able to see your EPF passbook as well.

Well, at this time there are solutions for all kinds of problems online, you just have to search on the internet and if you are a PF account holder and you are upset, then it doesn’t matter that you can call on PF toll free number. You can get your problem solved now by calling there are many ways which include email online contact toll free number branch number which are mentioned below.

PF toll free number

This number is PF toll free number, if you have any problem related to PF, you can get solution by calling this number.

PF Toll Free Number : 1800118005

Email : [email protected]

If you use email then it may take some time to get reply so we will suggest you to use pf toll free number so that you can contact immediately.

Any employee can take pf support through above number and email but if you want helpline number of any specific pf branch then below link will help you in that task from here you can download pdf file and in it You will get the contact number of different PF branch, you can find out the number of PF branch you want but it will not be PF toll free number

PF Helpline : No.

Pf inquiry toll free number

If you want to check the balance of your PF account then you can check it with a missed call for which EPFO ​​has provided missed call facility.

Call on 01122901406 on the mobile number registered in your PF account, this call will be automatically disconnected and after sometime a message will come on your mobile number containing the balance details of your PF account.

Apart from this, EPF also provides the option of grievance.

When anyone claims his PF then their file will be sent to PF office for manual settlement because PF claim process is not automatic it is handled manually whenever you claim for PF then your claim will be sent to PF office and claim Status will be under process.

PF claim status under process

PF claim status under process is not something to be afraid rather it means that your request has been submitted to the PF portal office and when it will be reviewed by the authorities and everything is found correct. Your PF claim will be settled.

It may be that your PF can also be cancelled, it can be due to any reason like not having enough balance in your PF account, not having a signature on the check etc.

So whenever you make a claim for PF, be very careful in filling the form as your one mistake can get your claim cancelled and it can be very frustrating as a settlement can take from 1 week to 3 weeks And after thar it maybe very disappointing if you have to claim PF again.

When you will see your PF claim status, you will get the full text something like “sent to the field office under process” which means that your request has been sent to the field office and your request is under process.

And in this situation you can’t do anything except wait because when we do KYC it has to be approved by our employer which we can also get approved manually we just have to contact to our employer but when If we talk about PF claim status, and it will sho sent to the field office under process, in this we can not do anything, when our PF claim is settled, it will automatically change either Cancel will appear or PF claim status will appear as Settled.

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