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CSC is a center that works to provide government facilities to the people in a private way and CSC center is present all over India through which people can get different types of documents made, apply for different types of schemes etc. Because some special rights are given to CSC agent.

CSC is called Common Service Center, any citizen of India can apply for CSC center and if found suitable, he can easily get CSC center but there are some conditions for this although there is not much education demand for it. If you want to open CSC then you should have basic knowledge of computer you should have triple c marksheet and should be at least 10th pass.


Although CSC agents are not given any kind of payment salary by the government, they are given some special rights which are not with the normal people, through which they can access many government facilities and people can provide those facilities.

And as far as the profit is concerned, the CSC agent earns a lot and it is directly from the people and at this time for all types of CSC work, CSC agents also charge more price and by some estimates a CSC agent Income is very good.

Till a few years ago, a CSC agent used to take around 30 to ₹ 50 for any work, but at this time all CSC agents for any work like applying form, making any kind of certificate, income certificate caste residence, scholarship application Subject registration etc. is now taken for all around 70 to ₹ 100, its value is more in urban areas and you can estimate the earning of a CSC agent from the fact that if 10 customers also come in 1 day So there is a very good income and if you have to apply on the season such as scholarship application or subject registration, then there is a lot of good benefit if you have to apply in the season.

If you also want, you can close a CSC agent and take government facilities to the people and earn a lot of money, but it may not be that easy because at this time CSC centers are present in almost all the areas and any new Competition may increase with the opening of CSC Center.


  • Your age should be at least 18 years if less than then you cannot take CSC center
  • You must have your valid aadhar card
  • You must be at least 10th pass
  • You have knowledge of the local language of the place where you are resident as well as general knowledge about English so that you do not face any problem while using the computer.
  • Your behavior should be decent because every day you have to provide different types of services to people, if your behavior will not be all, then it is a worry
  • Must have Telecentre Entrepreneur certificate


CSC is provided to you free of cost, for this no charge is given to you, if any charge is asked from you, it means that he is taking bribe from you because official its fee is zero but remember that by opening CSC First Telecentre Entrepreneur course is required and for that certificate you will be charged Rs 1479.


  • pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Inside and outside photo of the room where you want to set up your CSC center
  • canceled check copy
  • Telecentre Entrepreneur certificate


  • You must have a computer that has at least 512MB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive (Definitely you will because everyone’s computers at the moment have a minimum of 2GB or 4GB of RAM and a 500+ GB hard drive) Is)
  • Have UPS/Inverter
  • printer
  • webcam/digital camera
  • Scanner (you may not need this separately as digital printers also have a scanner)
  • Internet connection (no special internet connection will be required, you can also work from your phone’s internet connection, if you want, you can get a separate broadband connection)


If you will make various types of government facilities accessible to the people through CSC center, then you will also have some responsibilities which are in view of security and facility security, you can work according to your location and facility in which you are present at time to time center. Stay and complete the tasks of the people, if possible, you must keep a sitting table as a convenience.

csc login,registration

First of all you have to do Telecentre Entrepreneur course and get its certificate only after that you can apply for CSC then follow this process and do Telecentre Entrepreneur course.

Note : Check all the information carefully once again before submitting lot because if you submit your form once you can not change it so fill the form carefully

  • First of all go to and here you will get a form from which you have to fill
  • Enter your name in the first box, then your mobile number and after that you will get the option of email, enter your email in it
  • After that enter the name of your mother or father
  • Now you select the state
  • Select your district
  • Here you have to enter your place of residence.
  • choose your gender
  • enter your date of birth
  • Below you will get an attached option in which you have to select your photo and upload it remember that the size of the photo should be more than 50 KB so that the photo appears clear
  • After that enter the captcha given in the box below and click on submit
  • After clicking on submit button you will be redirected to payment page where you have to make payment of Rs 1479, you can use any method for payment whether you can make direct payment from your ATM or whether you want So you can also use UPI i.e. Google Pay Phone Pay etc.
  • After payment you will get your password and username
  • You have been registered, now you have to give a small exam (this is not registration of CSC but registration of Telecentre Entrepreneur certificate because this certificate will be needed for registration of CSC without this certificate CSC will not be available)
  • Go to and login by entering your password and username which was received after registration and payment above
  • After login you can see exam model by clicking on learning and after that give your exam, and if you pass then within 1 week your certificate will be issued and you can download it online this certificate that you have to CSC center will get it.

So you have got Tec code which is asked at the time of registration of CSC which is present in your Telecentre Entrepreneur certificate and you will need that code while applying for CSC.

csc registration

  • First visit and click on Click here to register for VLE Registration Now would be a form open which need to enter some information
  • Click on Select Application Type and Click on CSC VLE
  • As you click on CSC then an extra column will appear at the bottom in which TEC certificate number will be asked, this is the same number which was given to you just above and you got it.
  • Enter your mobile number below it
  • And just below that you will get the option of captcha which has some number, enter that number in the box below and submit it, after clicking on submit, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, verify your number by entering it
  • After that you will get the option of email, enter your email and OTP will be sent to the email, verify your email by entering it
  • Now enter your aadhar card number after that select your gender and enter date of birth now you have to enter your address remember you do not have to make mistake in the address because CSC center is mainly given on the basis of location
  • Now select your locality, rural and urban wherever you are, you will get the option of captcha just below that, enter the captcha and click on submit
  • Now you will get an application number which will help you to track your application whether your application is successful or not. Can note.

After this the main process is that now you keep checking your application through your application number and if CSC center is allotted for you then it is good that you can start your work in which you will be given some credentials i.e. that access to government services.

cac application status

  • First go to and go to apply by clicking on the menu, in this you will get the option of check status, click on it
  • Enter your application number and how to check status by below can apply


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