How to write application

Application is an important application form, which is given in written to get any work done, and the pattern of writing all types of applications remains the same, just you have to write the application according to the work for which you are applying. You have to write that application keeping in mind all the things you are writing, and for whom, etc., whether you are writing an application for your school, or writing an application for a bank or any other You are writing an application to a government official.

how to write application

You can divide the application into 8 parts, out of which the first part is greeting, after that you have to enter the officer and his address, to whom you want to write the application, just below that you can put that which one you want. Writing an application about

After that once again salutation and then paragraph will start in which you will have to tell about what you want to say through that application, and after few paragraphs you will have to write a separate line, in which you have to be told in that application Request to do the job, and thank you.

In the last right side, you will have to enter your name, address, mobile number, etc. information, and you do not want it right, you will have to do your signature.

You can put the date on the right left side of your name, the day on which you are giving that application.

How to write an application for leave to school


         Mr. Headmaster, Beni Madhav Inter College Mahuli Bhakhari Sultanpur

Subject – For 2 days leave

Your Excellency,

It is a humble request that since last night I am unable to come to school due to high fever, and I have been suggested by the doctor that I have to rest for at least 2 days, due to which I am unable to come to school .

Therefore, it is a humble request to you to kindly grant me leave of 2 days (date – ), you will be very kind.

your obedient disciple

Name –

Class –

The pattern of writing the application will remain the same, you just have to customize it according to your position and need, like in this the name of Mr. Headmaster and school has been given, then you change it with the name of your school, and at the end given Change the name, date, etc. information with your own information, and you can change the reason given in it according to your conditions, as in this article above, the reason for the holiday has been mentioned as fever, if you have fever then you are fever only. Otherwise, you can write the reason why you want to take leave, such as if you have an injury, or you have become ill in some other way, you can tell it in the application.

And if you are an employee and work in any company, you need leave, for which you want to write application, then you have to follow the same pattern, just in place of Mr. Principal you have to write the name of your senior’s post. , to whom you want to apply and in the address you have to enter the address of your company.

And the paragraph in which the reason given that why leave is needed will also change completely, because you work in a company and for whom you go on leave, you can write it according to your own and in the last You can enter information like name, mobile number and ID number which is issued by your company, etc. It is also necessary to have your signature on it.

how to write application to bank

You will also have to follow the exact procedure to write the application to the bank.


Mr. Branch Manager, Bank Of Baroda Isauli

Subject – Application of ATM Card

Your Excellency,

My humble request is that I often face problems during transactions in my bank account, because I do not get any transaction information on my mobile number, and I am also unable to use online banking due to which I want to link my mobile number (Mobile no. **********) in my account (A/C no. ************).

So please link my mobile number in my bank account, you will be very kind.

your bank account holder

Name –

mobile number –

account number-

Sign your here

how to write application to police

Write the application as mentioned above just state your problem in paragraph, what help do you want from the police.

How to write application to MLA

Write the application as mentioned above just explain your problem in paragraph, why you are writing the application to them and what help you want from them.

How to write application for TC

Write application as mentioned above just write in paragraph that you need TC for registration in your next class.

how to write application in english

The process for writing the application in English will be the same as mentioned above for Hindi, but if you want to write the application in English, then you can take help from someone close to you, who has knowledge of English. Or if you want, you can write the application in English even using the Internet, for this you can use Google Translator if you want.

All you have to do is write your application in Hindi in Google Translate and select the translation language English, your application will be translated from Hindi to English, you can write it in your copy.

But if you have written the application in Hindi in your copy and you want to translate it into English, then for this you will not need to type again in your mobile, rather you can use Google translate camera, for which Go to Google Translate and click on Camera Translate, after that scan the page of your copy that you want to translate, Google Translate will automatically translate the whole page which you can write in your copy.

Understand the pattern of writing the application

If you face problems to write different applications, then you should understand the pattern of writing application once, after which you will be able to write application on any topic, because the pattern of writing application always remains the same. For whom you are writing the application, and to whom you are writing, in view of this situation, appropriate words have to be added in the application.

First point – In this you have to add the word greeting, whether you are writing an application for any task or giving an application to any person, your application will start from the service , which will be closed with a comma.

Second point – In this you have to enter the person, company and address to whom you want to apply, and this point has to be written leaving the front part, that is, the space in which you have written the word greeting, leaving the front part and the second point Write.

Third point – In this point you have to write for what you have written this application, such as for issuing ATM or for leave etc.

Fourth point – In this point again you have to write the greeting word in which you can write the welcome, and it will also be closed with a comma, then with whom you are writing the application it does not matter at all.

Fifth point – Now there will be a complete paragraph in which you will tell about what you are writing the application for, like if you are writing for leave, then tell why you need leave and how many days leave today Or for what reason you are writing the application, you just have to tell the reason there in this paragraph.

Sixth Point – In this point you have to pray, that is , please give me two days leave, you will be very kind or please link our mobile number with our bank account, you will be very kind, etc., whatever work you have done . Request about the application is written for, it is completed in one line with simple.

Seventh Point – Here you have to enter the date which will be on the left side and you have to enter the date on which you are giving the application

Eighth Point – This is the last and most important point in which you have to enter your personal details, such as name, mobile number, class, ID / account number, signature etc.

In this article, you learned how to write an application and what is the way to write an application, we hope this information will prove useful to you.

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