How to withdraw money from ATM

A new user may face problems in withdrawing money from an ATM, as the new user may not know how to use an ATM card, and how to withdraw money from an ATM machine while the process is as simple as that. As conveniently as you use your mobile, make sure you have an ATM card, and its PIN, because to withdraw money from an ATM, you need to have an ATM card and its security PIN.

How to withdraw money from ATM

Note: If your ATM is brand new and you have not yet created the security pin of your ATM, first you have to create the security pin of your ATM, only after that you will be able to withdraw money from the ATM, first of all, create your ATM PIN. Take which you can create by going to the ATM machine and also from your mobile you can create a temporary pin, which is valid only for 24 hours, and then follow the procedure given below to withdraw money from the ATM.

On the ATM machine you will get a screen and next to it you will get some buttons, and you have to click on the button you want from the options you see on the screen, while putting the ATM in the ATM machine, first of all your language will be asked in which you have to enter the language. The right front button has to be pressed, and after following all the steps step by step, press the button in front of them, which task you want to do in the ATM machine.

  1. Insert the ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  2. Choose your language
  3. Select your account type (saving)
  4. press the eject button
  5. Enter the amount how much you want to withdraw (maximum of Rs 10,000 you can enter at a time)
  6. Enter your ATM PIN
  7. In just a few seconds, money will come in the account below, you pick them up.
  8. If you need more amount then you can follow the same procedure again, and finally when you start exiting the ATM machine room then definitely click on cancel button

Some bank’s ATM machine will ask you to withdraw the ATM, while some bank’s ATM requires you to keep the ATM card in the ATM machine as long as you are using the ATM machine, for example, if you If you want to withdraw your money in Bank of Baroda ATM machine, after inserting the ATM in the ATM machine, when the ATM machine reads your card, the ATM has to be withdrawn, whereas if you go to the HDFC ATM machine then You have to keep your debit card in the ATM machine till the end of the process.

ATM withdrawal limit

Different types of ATM cards are provided in all banks and depending on the type of your bank account and type of ATM, how much money you can withdraw from ATM in 1 day, if your ATM is Rupee card then you can withdraw up to 25000 Whereas if you have a Visa card of MasterCard, your limit increases and it also depends on which bank your account is in, because the account of a bigger bank has a higher limit.

Money was deducted from ATM but money was not withdrawn from the machine

Although this happens in a very rare case, but if something happens to you that the ATM machine shows the transaction complete, while you do not get the cash, you should immediately complain about it to the same bank branch without delay, and You should state your problem so that your transaction will be processed.

how to check balance from atm

Note: If you go to ATM just to check your bank balance then maybe your time may be wasted, and if you have ATM card then you can check your bank balance using UPI, we will explain To create your UPI account and easily check your bank balance from your mobile sitting at home.

  • First put the ATM card in the ATM machine
  • Choose your language
  • Press the check balance button
  • Enter your ATM PIN

Your bank account amount will appear in front of you on the screen.

From this article, you got information about how to withdraw money from ATM, we hope that this information will prove to be helpful for you.

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