How to use GooglePay

Google Pay can be used by any person but you must have a bank account and ATM card, only you will be able to create your Google Pay account and do online transactions, and if you have a bank account but do not have an ATM card then However, you will not be able to use Google Pay, you must also have an ATM card of your bank account, because ATM is used for online verification of the card.

How to use Google pay

Creating a Google Pay account is as simple as creating a normal account, which is created by verifying OTP and then linking your bank account in Google Pay, activating your UPI and creating a UPI PIN and your UPI PIN. There is the final stage of payment, that is, if you want to make a payment to any person using Google Pay, then after entering the payment amount, you will be asked for the UPI PIN for payment, and if you enter the UPI PIN then The amount is paid, which will be deducted from your bank account.

how to create googlepay account

  • First of all open google pay app and continue by entering your mobile number
  • OTP will come, you complete the verification
  • Continue by selecting your name and email id
  • Click on your profile photo
  • Click on “Add Bank Account”
  • Click on the bank in which your account is located, but you can also search
  • A message will be sent to your bank through your mobile number, which will be used for verification
  • Enter your Debit Card details to generate your UPI ID
  • OTP will be sent to your mobile number and enter it
  • Create your UPI PIN, re-enter the same UPI PIN
  • continue

Your Google Pay account has been created and your bank account is also linked, but remember that there should be balance in your mobile number to send the message, and you will not need to send any message manually, because Google Pay Completes the verification by sending an automatic message.

How to Download GooglePay

Google Pay is already installed in all latest Android phones, which you will not need to install, but if you do not have Google Pay installed in your phone, you can install Google Pay on your phone by following this procedure.

  • First go to google play store
  • search googlepay
  • Click on Google Pay
  • Click on Install Button

how to make googlepay without atm card

You cannot use Google Pay without an ATM card, as a debit card is required to generate your UPI, and if you have set up your UPI once by entering your ATM card details, you will need to re-enter your ATM card. Will not need it, because Google Pay requires ATM card only once.

In this article you learned how to run Google Pay and send money with Googlepay, we hope this information will prove useful to you.

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