How to update KYC in PF account

KYC is one of the most important steps in PF account, because if KYC is not done in your PF account you cannot withdraw amount from your PF account, KYC in PF is mainly PAN card Aadhar card and bank account, its After that you can withdraw money from your account anytime.

How to update KYC in PF account

  • First of all go to enter your UAN number and password, you will get the option of captcha below, solve it, and sign
  • Here you will get many options, one of which is Manage, click on that and click on KYC
  • Now mark the one whose KYC you have to do such as bank account PAN card Aadhar card and enter the details, if you want to do KYC of the bank account then mark the bank details, and enter your bank account number and IFSC code etc.
  • click on save button

KYC of your PF account bank account has been done, in the same way you can do KYC by entering your Aadhaar details and you can also do KYC by entering your PAN card, all these things are necessary for PF account.

Now it is important to see whether your PF KYC has been done or what is the condition, for that you will get the option of Pending KYC there, click on it and here all the KYC entered by you will be there. Not approved yet.

And the KYC has to be approved by your employer i.e. by the company you work for and the approval may also take some time like a week or 10 days or even more but you have another There is an option, which will get the KYC approved soon, for this you will have to talk to your employer Riani’s company and ask them to approve your KYC as soon as possible, however if you are in no hurry, no need to say No, he will do it himself in 1 week, but if you want your KYC to be completed as soon as possible, you can also ask to your employer.

Definitively your employer will listen to you and will approve it, but if your employer does not approve or creates any problem, you can also file a complaint against him on EPF, but you will not need it.

Although your Aadhar card and PAN card will always be the same, but some how people want to change their bank account in this, then in this condition you will have to do KYC again, and it will have to be approved by your employer, through this process replace your old bank account. It will be done from your new account.

In this article you have learned How to update KYC in PF account We hope this information will be useful for you.

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