How to recharge my number online

At this time if you have a bank account and you have its ATM then you do not need to go to any shop to reacharge your mobile, you can recharge your number yourself for which there are many applications, and you just Using one application, you can reacharge the SIM card of all companies.

How to recharge my number online

If you have jio sim or airtel sim and you want to recharge it, and you use that company’s application in your phone like if you use jio, and use my jio application If you do, you can check the recharge plan of your number in your Jio application, and can also recharge from there, but in this condition you will be able to recharge only your own company’s number, so here we will talk about such methods. About using which you can recharge mobile numbers of all companies.

  1. First of all go to google play store and search google pay
  2. Click on Install Button
  3. Open Google Pay app and create your account on it by entering your mobile number, and link your bank account and create UPI ID
  4. Now open GooglePay and click on Recharge in Business & Bills
  5. Enter the mobile number from which you want to recharge, irrespective of the company’s number
  6. continue
  7. If you want, you can also enter the name of the person whose mobile number is here, after that click on Continue
  8. Now the recharge plans for that mobile number will appear, click on the plan with which you want to recharge that number and continue
  9. If your location is not enabled, Google will ask you to enable location. Click OK
  10. Now enter your UPI PIN

The mobile number entered by you will be recharged and you will get its information by message, using this process you can recharge the number of any company, your mobile number is of any company, it does not matter at all. Just take your GooglePay and recharge by entering that mobile number by clicking on recharge, and when you enter that mobile number to recharge, GooglePay will automatically tell you which company this number belongs to.

You got information from this article, how to recharge mobile online, we hope this information will be useful for you.

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