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If you do not have a PAN card and want to make a new PAN card, then Aadhar card is necessary at the time of application, only then you can make a PAN card, but those who have an earlier PAN card, their PAN card not be linked with Aadhar card, then it is necessary for them that link Aadhar card with PAN card because if your PAN card is not linked with Aadhar card then your PAN card will not have any value.

So there are two ways to link Aadhar card with PAN card, one is from the official website of PAN card online and the other is by sending messages and we will know about both these methods and you can easily make your PAN card at home.

Income Tax Department provides online services for PAN card holders on Income Tax India e-filing and PAN card holder can use it to make necessary changes in his card.

So first of all go to and here you will see total 13 services which the user can use online and one of them is linking aadhar card, link Aadhaar to Pan without login.

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Pan Card

  • Go to Now the form will open Enter the information in this box PAN card number in the first box, Aadhar card number in the second and then your name and in the next box enter your mobile number
  • Mark I agree to validate my aadhar details with UIDAI
  • Now you will get the captcha below, enter it in the captcha box and click on the link aadhar, if all the information entered by you is correct then your aadhar will be linked with your pan card otherwise this process will fail so and you should be careful while entering all the information that all information must be correct.

So if you can link your aadhar card with pan card in the above way, then it is a good thing, it is very easy effort but if you do not use internet computer then there is another option for you which is to send message. Tax can also link your PAN card with Aadhar card, the process of which is given below, just follow it and send message Your Aadhar card will be linked with PAN card.

It is not necessary that you send the message from the same number which will get your Aadhar or PAN card, rather you can use any number, just you have to keep in mind that Aadhar card and PAN card should be correct i.e. your own.

How to Link Aadhaar Card with Pan Card by message

First of all open the message in your phone and type a message, type this message UIDPAN <space> <enter aadhar card number here> <space><enter pan card number here> and send it to 56161.

Check Status

By the way, after this process, your Aadhar card will be linked to your PAN card, but if you have any doubts that your Aadhar card has linked with PAN card or not, then you can also check it online. For this, you have to use the same website from where the process was done for linking online.

  • Go to¬† and now to check status enter aadhar card and pan card¬†number and click on view link aadhar status which will show that your aadhar card and pan card are linked or not

Your Aadhar card has been linked with your PAN card and you have also been given information to check the status.

Apart from this, you can also link Aadhar card to your PAN card from the website of UTI but this process can be a bit complicated because in that process you have to apply for change in your PAN card and after that your PAN card will be link to Aadhar card. It may take some time as it will be a manual process so we will not suggest you to follow that process just follow the simple steps given here and link your PAN card with Aadhar card in which only Takes fee minutes and you can do it yourself.

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