How to insert sim card in mobile

All phones have the option of using two SIM cards simultaneously, and you can easily insert SIM card of any company in your phone and use its services.

First of all, you will need a SIM card slot ejector pin, and this is provided by the SIM card slot ejector company, but if your SIM card ejector is lost, or you do not have it, then you can buy it from a nearby mobile shop. Or you can use a normal pen or needle if you want.

how to insert sim card in mobile

  • First of all take out the SIM card slot using your SIM card slot ejector pin
  • Put your SIM card in the slot and plug it into the phone

Note: The SIM card slot in all the latest phones is on the side of the phone or on the top side, and there is only a small hole present in it, in which we insert the SIM card slot ejector pin and the SIM card slot comes out.

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