How to Check RC Status

RC book is an important document for all types of vehicles, which is the identity of that vehicle because all types of two wheeler also four wheeler or other vehicles which run on some kind of fuel, Maybe, there is a necessary paper for such vehicles which is the identity of the vehicle which is known as RC Book.

If you want, you can check your RC book online or even download it because if you take your vehicle somewhere and you do not have RC book and if the police do the checking during that time you will also be fined. Although this is a separate issue but would recommend that you always carry your vehicle papers with you so that you do not face any problem.

How to check RC Status

  • To check the status of RC book, you have to first go to the site of transport where all the members related to the vehicles are present.
  • So first go to and click on online services click on know your vehicle details and enter your vehicle number and process
  • Now the complete details of the vehicle number entered by you will come in front of you, in whose name this vehicle is registered, when it is registered, which district belongs to, where is the address, contact number etc. You will get complete details, then it does not matter that Whether this car is yours or someone else’s, you can find out here by entering the number of any vehicle.

Mainly this service is beneficial because when there is such a vehicle in front of you or someone has run away after hurting you or there is any matter but you do not know who it is from where it is but if you note down its vehicle number. If you have taken it then you can find it very easily everyone has to follow the same process which is mentioned above and enter his vehicle number and see his RC details.

If you want you can also use mparivahan application but we have checked rc status using website because it is very simple process and which we can do from website also we don’t need application yes but if you need bar If you have to check RC status frequently then it would be advisable for you to use mParivahan application as it will provide much better experience.

And if your rc book is done and you want to download online then in the same way you can check your rc book and you can also print that page using ctrl+p and download it as your rc book. You can keep it with you, there will be no problem, this RC book will work in the same way as your original RC book because it is also original in a way, just you have downloaded it online which will be on soft copy or if you want, if you want, you can download it from any other place.

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