How to apply for SBI ATM online

If you have an account in SBI Bank and you want to apply for an ATM card in it, then you should be absolutely sure because in this we are going to tell you the easiest way to make your SBI Bank ATM card, friends, you can use your ATM card. You can apply in many ways to get it done, about which we will tell you very easily, anyway nowadays people who do not have ATM card, they cannot make online payment or send money to anyone and if If they have to withdraw money from their bank account, then they may have to wait in the bank, so in view of this problem, the bank has issued an ATM card for the convenience of its customers, for which all the people whose account is open in that bank.

How to apply SBI ATM Card Online through yono app

If you want to apply your ATM card online using YONO app issued by SBI, then you can easily apply, for this you have to follow the step by step information given by us so that you can apply SBI ATM card online. I didn’t get any problem.

  • To apply for ATM card online using YONO app, first of all you have to download Yono SBI App on your phone.
  • Now you have to open Yono SBI App in your phone, as soon as you open it, after opening you will get the option to login in it.
  • To login, you must login using mpin or username and password.
  • Login After you add up the three dot is to click look Option to him and then you add service request will appear Option to service request is to click on.
  • After clicking on the option of service request, you will see the option of ATM / Debit, you have to click on it.
  • After clicking on the ATM / Debit option, now you will be asked for your profile password, you have to enter your profile password and submit it.
  • After that many services of SBI ATM / Debit Card will be open in front of you. But you have to click on Request New / Replacement option.
  • As soon as you click on the Request New / Replacement option, after that the new debit card page will open.
  •  Now you have to first select the account by clicking on the option of select account, after that you have to enter your name on the option of name on card.
  • After that the option of select the type of card will be found in the next column, after clicking on it, a list will open in which the list of all the cards issued by SBI will be there, now you have to select whichever ATM card you want to make from it.
  •  After that two options will appear in front of you. In Permanent and Correspondence, you have to select your address, if you want to get the same ATM card as the address entered while opening the account, then click on the permanent option and if your address has changed now then click on the option of Correspondence. You can enter your address by
  • After this, you have to click on the next option, after which an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, you have to enter it and submit it.
  • After submitting your application for ATM card will be completed and you will see the reference number in it, you have to note down that reference number from which you can track it.

How to apply SBI ATM Card offline

You can apply your SBI ATM card offline also, its process is also very easy, many people have trouble applying online or are unable to do so, then the way to apply offline is best for those people. Let’s see how you can apply SBI Bank ATM card offline.

  • To apply for SBI ATM card offline, you have to first visit your nearest SBI branch.
  • After going to the bank, you have to take the application form from the bank employee to apply for ATM card.
  • After that you have to fill all the information asked in the application form.
  • After filling the application, the necessary documents to be submitted with the application form have to be attached such as: – Aadhar card, PAN card etc.
  • After this, now you have to give your application form to the bank employee. After this your SBI ATM card will be applied.

 ATM card delivery time 20 – 30 days

When you apply for an ATM card online or offline, then when its ATM will come, this doubt remains in everyone’s mind. After applying the ATM card, the ATM card reaches you by post within about a month, but sometimes it happens with some people that it does not come even after a month, often it happens to many people, so this Like sometimes it may take more than a month for the ATM card to arrive, so there is no need to worry about it.

How to generate SBI ATM PIN

You can generate your ATM card PIN in many ways, online, offline and through call, you can easily generate ATM card PIN. Digit ATM Card> can generate your SBI ATM PIN by sending it from <Last 4 Digit Account Number> to 567676. Apart from this, if you want to generate PIN through call, then you can also generate PIN by calling 18004253800 or 1800112211, apart from this, you can also generate PIN of ATM card by visiting its official website online and if you want then its PIN Can change too.

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