How to apply for Ration card

State Government APL / BPL ration card is made by the Food and Logistics Department of Uttar Pradesh government according to the economic condition of the beneficiaries, and they are provided all the food items which are listed in the ration card list at the subsidy rate. Those who have a ration card, two types of ration cards are made, APL and BPL ration cards. If the family of the candidate applying for the ration card is living below the poverty line, he should apply for the BPL ration card, and if the financial condition of the beneficiary is good and he is living above the poverty line. If so, his application will be for APL ration card.

How many types of ration cards are there

bpl ration card

Under BPL ration card, those beneficiaries whose family lives below the poverty line, the annual income of the beneficiaries with BPL ration card should not exceed Rs 10000, 25 kg ration is provided per month by the government to these BPL ration card holders. Will go

APL Ration Card –

APL ration cards have been issued to those families of the state who are living above the poverty line. Those people can get their APL ration card made. APL ration card holders will be provided 15 kg ration per month by the government.

AAY Ration Card –

AAY ration card is given to those beneficiaries who are very poor financially, and they are living their life in extreme poverty, 35kg ration is given per month to such ration card holders.

how to get ration card

If any person wants to make his ration card, he can apply for it in two ways, the first way is to fill the offline form for the ration card and the second way is that now you can apply online for your ration card online. Do it.

When the ration card was not online, people had to make rounds of their gram panchayat and kotdar to get their ration card made, but still the ration card could not be made for all the people, apart from this people also faced many problems. Had to do it and the ration card was made very late.

But now the era of online has come, everything is going online, in this initiative, the government has also made the process of applying for ration card online, now whether you apply for it online or offline, ration card will be made in both the ways.

The purpose of applying ration card online is that there should be no problem in taking advantage of this scheme and for this you can apply without saying from your home, because the registration of the one who applies for the ration card offline is a little late. But after applying online, the ration card is generated very soon.

What is needed to get a new ration card

  • Applicant should be a native of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The applicant applying should be living below poverty line.
  • Every member of the family should have Aadhar card.
  • The address of the applicant should be known for correspondence.
  • Income certificate should be there, which will tell about your financial status.
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

how to make offline ration card

  • First of all you have  to go to the official website of Food Department
  • By visiting its website, you have to download the application form  from there .
  • Or you can also take its form from the nearest regional office of the Food Department for ration card application.
  • The information in the given column in that application form like Aadhar card number, mobile number etc. will have to be filled correctly and all your documents will have to be merged with the application form.
  • When you fill your form correctly, the application form will have to be submitted to the officer of the Office of the Food Department.
  • After a few days of submitting the form, your ration card will be generated and you will start getting ration.
  • So you can apply offline to get your ration card made by doing some such process, and you can get the benefit of this scheme.

how to make online ration card

  • If you want to apply online for ration card, check all the eligibility criteria, if you fulfill that criteria then only your online application will be possible.
  • After checking the eligibility criteria, collect all the documents required to do it online, because the government has  updated the ration card online application form process .
  • To take advantage of this scheme under UP Ration Card Online Application 2021, you have to go to a public service center, or you can do it online yourself.
  • After going to the public service center, they have to give all the documents required in their online. The CSC agent will fill your application form with the documents.
  • After applying online at CSC, your application form will be sent to the Food Department of Uttar Pradesh.
  • After this your application will be provided by the department after verifying all the documents and application form by the officer of the Food Department office.
  • After submitting the application form, your name will be added to the UP Ration Card beneficiary list. In this way your online application will be done.

Remember, you can get your ration card made by this process, but you will have to update this ration card from time to time, whenever there is entry of any member in your family or any member of your family goes out or there is division. .

For example we take an example, if you are a male then definitely you will get married, and your wife’s entry will be in your family, you will also have to add your wife’s name in your ration card, and you will have to Will have to go to the Department of Fertilizers and Logistics again and give an application form to get the name added, how to get the ration card made.

Because if the name of any member of your family is not in your ration card, that person cannot use the ration card as an identity, nor will you get the ration of that person’s share on the ration card. .

From this article you learned how to make a ration card, we hope this article will prove useful for you.

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