How to apply for driving licence

The need for a driving license mainly refers to the ability to drive a motor vehicle, if you are from any state in India, if you want to drive a motor vehicle, you must have a driving license, that means, to drive a motor vehicle, you must have a driving license. It is mandatory to have a valid driving license.

And not only that, it acts like our identity card for us, in many countries the driving license is used as documents for the use of the identity card, and its recognition is recognized almost at par with other identity cards. , License is issued by the RTO of any state or union territory, which is valid throughout the country, if any person wants to drive a vehicle, he is given a learning license for the first learning purpose.

How to apply for driving licence

There are mainly two ways to get this done, the first way is to apply online on your own by visiting the official website of the Transport Department, and after applying you go to the rto office for testing and give your test there.

And when you pass in the test, your driving license will be made, and after a few days it will come to your home through post, and another way is to get your driving license made through any broker, which will give you online Your broker does all the work, you just have to go for the driving test, although it is officially wrong, but still people follow this method more, so let us know both in different detail. .

how to get driving license online

Friends, if you want to apply online for your driving license, you can apply very easily through the methods mentioned below, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly you go to the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India at
  • Or you can click on this link to go to this page directly
  • By clicking on this link, you will come to the home page of the website.
  • apply driving license online
  • Now you choose your state in this page
  • A new one will open as soon as the state is selected.
  • Now click on the portal with Driving License in this page, and click on New Driving License from the options below.
  • apply driving license online
  • This page will open as soon as you click on New Driving License.
  • apply driving license online
  • Now click on the Continue option in this page
  • Then a page will open, in the given options you have to enter Learner’s License Number and Date of Birth. After that click on OK.
  • apply driving license online
  • Now the Driving License Online Form will appear in front of you, so all the information has to be filled correctly. Upload all the documents asked for.
  • Once you have uploaded all the documents, you will be asked to choose the time for your DL appointment, now choose the date and time as per your convenience when you will be available to go directly to the RTO, and enter your DL will appear for the test.
  • And after that you submit the Driving License Online Fees online, pay the Driving License Online Fees, your application will be successfully sent to the RTO.
  • On completion of the form and after filling the details, the applicant can submit the form online by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the form.

On the day of your appointment, make sure you arrive a few minutes early and take your test.

Through Broker (illegal)

If you want to get your driving license through a broker, you have to find a broker, and talk to him and apply your form, in this your broker is completely responsible, although this method is illegal, but if Talking about the rural area, most of the people get their driving license made only through the broker.

What are the documents required to get driving license

Many documents can be asked from you in getting a driving license, but I would like to tell you which is mandatory, you can see the low about the documents.

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • Address Proof (Ration Card, Voter ID Card, Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card, Water Bill, PAN Card) Any one of these documents.
  • passport size photo
  • Age Proof (Birth Certificate, 10th Class Marksheet, Voter ID Card)
  • mobile number

how much is the driving license fee

The fee for a driving license depends on the transport department of the district/state, and may vary slightly from state to state.

But if I talk about the average fee, it has to pay fees in many ways, when you apply for learning then you have to pay fees, after that when you go to give driving test, you have to pay fees, and then most The final charge is to be paid for the license card.

For learning license, it costs Rs 150 per category of vehicle, Rs 150 per category and Rs 50 for test fee, and when you go to get your license permanent for the second time, it includes Rs 730 per category, DITS fee of Rs 250 per category. PDL license is obtained for Rs.980 by adding Rs.980, after application it is mandatory to show the driver driving the vehicle in the presence of SDM.

In how many days does the driving license come

When you apply online and complete the learning test and the final process to become a Versional Driving License, after that your Versional Driving License will be delivered to the address given by you between 1 to 2 months and you get

What is the validity of driving license

If you talk about the validity of driving license, I would like to tell you that in India, driving license is valid for 20 years from the date of issue, like if you are 20 then if you get your license, the validity of your license It will be for 40 years, and let me tell you that after 60 years you do not need any license.

From this article, you learned how to get a driving license, we hope this information will prove to be helpful for you.

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