how to activate SBI net banking

Although online banking has become much easier at this time due to UPI because all types of transactions can be done by UPI but if you want, you can also use net banking which is a very good option because in net banking. There are many better options available than normal banking which are as follows

Benefits of SBI Net Banking

  • You can see the complete details of your SBI account
  • can download the statement
  • If you want to apply for ATM card then you will not need to go to the bank but you can apply through net banking only.
  • If you are interested in share marketing then you will also benefit from it as it requires net banking at multiple locations.
  • Apart from this, there are many more facilities available in SBI Net Banking but all the facilities are also available on third party app which is provided by UPI.

But if you also want to use SBI Net Banking, then you can get it activated very easily, yes because SBI Net Banking is not available at the time of opening the account, rather we have to start it manually, only after that we can start SBI Net Banking. can use banking

SBI Net Banking can be started in 2 ways, one is the online method and the other is offline, you can start your SBI Net Banking in the way you like, then follow the method that you like

How to activate SBI net banking offline

To start offline SBI net banking, you have to go to your SBI branch where you opened your account and all the process will have to be done manually, for which you will be filled with a form and only then the process will be done by the branch.

To activate offline SBI net banking, you will not need any extra thing like mobile number etc. You can just go to your branch by taking your documents pan-aadhaar

  • Visit SBI branch and ask for Net Banking Activation Form
  • Fill the form and also keep a photo copy of the PAN card as the branch may demand it, also keep your passport size photograph which you will have to put in the form.
  • Fill the form and sign with your photo and submit the form Your SBI Net Banking will be activated

How to activate SBI net banking offline

This is a very easy method, for this you will not have to go anywhere, you can also start your SBI Net Banking from your mobile or computer but for this there are some requirements like your mobile number should be linked to your bank account so that you can access OTP Can do and verify because without verification SBI net banking will not be operational.

  • To start SBI Net Banking, it is necessary that you have an account in SBI.
  • You must have a linked mobile number in your SBI account for verification
  • ATM card (If you have your ATM card then your SBI net banking will be activated while sitting at home but if you do not have ATM card then you will have to visit SBI branch for verification


  • First go to and click on New User Registration (a notification will appear in that click on OK)
  • On this page you will have to enter your SBI Banking details which are as follows (Account number which is printed on your SBI passbook followed by CIF number This number will also be found on your SBI passbook, after that you have to enter branch code maybe If you do not have branch code, then click on Get Branch Code in front of it and search your branch from there you will get branch code, now select your country ie India and after that enter your mobile number which is linked in your SBI account Once done, click on Full Transaction Limit in Facility Required If you do this then you can do all the work from your SBI Net Banking which SBI can provide on Net Banking else if you select any other mode apart from this So you won’t get all the features
  • Enter the captcha code given below in the box and click on submit
  • Now SBI will send an OTP to your mobile number for verification, enter it and complete the verification
  • We told you above that you can start SBI net banking completely only when you have an ATM card, if you do not have an ATM card, then now you have to visit the branch, the option will be something like this I have my ATM card (online) registration without bank visit) I don’t have my ATM card (Activation by branch only) If you have ATM card then select ATM card option i.e. click on I Have My ATM Card
  • Now on this page you have to enter your atm card details then enter your atm card number in the first box and select the expiry date after that enter your name and enter your atm pin below is the captcha put it in the box and click on proceed It is not a matter that you are giving your ATM PIN, ATM number etc. abstract information, but this will not cause you any problem because this is the official portal of SBI .
  • Now an OTP will come to your mobile number, enter it and ₹ 1 will be charged from your account which is only for verification and they will also be returned, after this verification is completed you will get the extravagant SBI net banking username
  • Enter a password for your SBI Net Banking and re-enter the same password in the confirm box and click on submit
  • You have created password for your SBI Net Banking and this was the last stage to start SBI Net Banking now you have to go back to where you went to start ie and click on login

SBI Netbanking login

  •  Go to and click on login
  • Click on Continue to login Enter your username which you did not get on time and the password that you entered
  • In the last you will get the option of captcha enter it and click on login button you will be login to your SBI net banking account where you can set up your account and use the features provided in net banking

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