How to activate HDFC NetBanking

You can apply for HDFC NetBanking in three ways and after NetBanking is enabled you can login and the easiest way is online because for this you will not have to go anywhere but from your mobile or computer. HDFC net banking can register and login.

Following are the 3 ways to login HDFC Netbanking

  • Online
  • from ATM machine
  • Offline by Branch

There are different ways to do HDFC net banking register online than these three and if you do not have an ATM card and your mobile number is not linked with your HDFC bank then you may have to visit your HDFC branch for the same. Link your mobile number with HDFC account or if you want, you will register for net banking directly from there.

Required Documents

  • Account in HDFC Bank
  • customer id
  • ATM card
  • mobile number

How to Register HDFC NetBanking

  • Firstly go to
  • In the header section you will get the login option, click on it and select net banking and click on login
  • Scroll down the page and in the last you will get the option of register click on it now you have to enter your customer id which will be found on your HDFC bank passbook
  • After entering the customer id click on the above and on the next page you will get the option of verification in which you will get two options one is by atm card and second is by mobile number you can choose any option if you want to do verification by mobile number So enter your mobile number and enter the captcha, OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it and complete the verification
  • In the next option, you will have to create an IPIN ie Password, create your IPIN, HDFC will provide some conditions for HDFC NetBanking login and registration, which you will have to accept, if you want, you can also read it, mark the conditions and click on confirm

Your hdfc-netbanking is almost complete just click here to login and enter your customer id user id and password id pin which you just created above and you can login.

Your HDFC NetBanking registration has been done by the above process and through this process you can login to HDFC NetBanking

The above method was guiding you about how to do online hdfc net banking registration online which is very easy and very convenient for you because in such a way you do not have to go anywhere, you can register your hdfc netbanking from computer in your mobile. You can do it online and in this way the registration does not take much time, but in just a few minutes your hdfc-netbanking is ready and you can login immediately.

However, if you register your hdfc net banking by other means, it may take some time to activate your hdfc-netbanking and get your login id.

HDFC Net banking login by ATM

This method is also very easy for HDFC net banking registration and login but the problem will be that you will get the login credentials immediately for this you may have to wait for about 2 weeks.

  • First of all go to nearest HDFC ATM machine and insert your card and enter PIN
  • Now the existing options will be shown, click on other option
  • Click on NetBanking Registration
  • And if you are sure that you have to activate your HDFC NetBanking then click on confirm

You have applied for HDFC NetBanking through ATM Machine now you have to wait around 2 weeks because if you apply for HDFC NetBanking from ATM Machine then it takes 2 weeks to get the Ipin/Password.

HDFC Net banking registration

The third method is the offline method and this method can be a bit complicated because for this you have to visit your branch and take the form for HDFC netbanking registration, fill it and submit and it will be processed.

And in some time your hdfc-netbanking will be activated but it may take around 2 weeks to get the login credentials to you.

Although all the methods mentioned here are easy but the online method which was mentioned earlier is the easiest if you do HDFC netbanking registration in that way then you can register immediately and right after that you can login to hdfc netbanking Can’t because in that method you get the password immediately whereas in other methods you have to wait for some time.

Although there are many options available at this time through which you can do online transactions, out of which UPI is the biggest example, but in net banking you get some such facilities which you do not get in any other payment method anywhere. Especially with net banking, you can easily view your transactions, download the statement and if the question is of payment then there are many options available for that.

Change HDFC NetBanking login Password

To login to HDFC Net Banking, you must have User ID and IPIN i.e. HDFC Net Banking Password and you get to drink tea only when you do HDFC Net Banking registration.

And if you manage more than one account then it is important that you note down all the passwords separately so that there is no confusion of passwords but if you have forgotten your HDFC net banking login password then it is not a problem. You can also reset and create a new password.

Change hdfc net banking password

  • First of all go to and enter your customer id and click on continue
  • Here you have to enter your HDFC netbanking login password but you have forgotten the password then click on forget password below
  • And now again enter your HDFC Net Banking Customer ID and click on Go
  • Now you will get 2 ways to reset your HDFC netbanking password, you can select any method and we suggest you to choose the first option which is Verification by Registered Mobile Number
  • Now enter your mobile number and you have to keep in mind that you have to enter the same mobile number which is linked in your HDFC bank account and click on continue
  • OTG will be sent to your registered mobile number by HDFC for verification, enter it and complete the verification
  • On the next page you have to enter your Debit Card details which includes your Debit Card Number Check Expiry Date and just below that you will get two extra options which are New IPIN and Confirm IPin, Enter the Password for your HDFC Net Banking in it, remember Enter the same password for both and then click on the confirm button

Your HDFC Net Banking password has been changed and the same password you have entered will now be used to login to your HDFC Net Banking.

Now go to HDFC net banking login page and enter your customer id and click on continue and then enter your new password which you just created and login you will be able to login to see if any problem means That is, you have forgotten your HDFC Net Banking password and you need to reset your Net Banking login password. It is suggested that you note down your password somewhere.

HDFC NetBanking App

Mainly people use HDFC Net Banking on desktop or browser. HDFC Net Banking also provides mobile application for the customers which can be used by any HDFC Net Banking user and will not require any browser.

You can download and login HDFC Net Banking App from Play Store or HDFC official site. Because in such a situation you can be cheated because there are many third party websites on which they can be found but maybe it is cred and your HDFC netbanking account may get hacked.

Download HDFC NetBanking App :

  • Click on Download App on HDFC Net Banking
  • Here you will find HDFC net banking apps for both Android and iOS, click on the app you want to download and install

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