What is HdFC

If it comes to the big banks of India, it is impossible that the name of HDFC bank does not come because HDFC is among the best banks in India.

Full form of HDFC is Housing Development Finance Corporation HDFC is a top Indian private bank that provides various types of banking services, provides financial services, anyone can open their account in HDFC and use its services.

But not everyone can open their account in HDFC bank as in other banks like BOB, SBI because HDFC requires to deposit a minimum of 10,000 INR to open an account and as per rule always have to maintain this amount because HDFC will penalize you if you will not maintain this amount.

By the way, if the concerned about the most used banks in India then SBI, BOB, etc are the most used banks, and its biggest reason is their presence, branches of these banks would be found almost everywhere, with that people are able to use them, even in rural areas their branches are present.

But as far as other big banks are concerned, these branches also exist but in rural areas, very few or no, and HDFC is one of the top banks in India, and HDFC branches are also somewhere in rural areas. But they are also very rare, apart from HDFC, you will not find branches of any major banks in rural areas.

Who and when founded HDFC

HDFC was founded by Hasmukhbhai Parekh in 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently, HDFC is headquartered in Maharashtra.

Who is CEO of HDFC

The current CEO of HDFC is Shashidhar Jagadishan who was appointed as CEO on 27 October 2020, who joined HDFC in 1996, and was selected as CEO & MD in place of Aditya puri in 2020.

first CEO of HDFC

HDFC’s first CEO & MD was Aditya Puri, who held the post for 26 years and took HDFC to great achievement and in 2020, Shashidhar Jagadishan assumed the position.

How to open HDFC bank account

If you are from a rural area where there is no HDFC branch then you cannot open an account in HDFC bank because you have to visit HDFC branch to open an account in HDFC, but if you are a big fan of HDFC and want to open an account in any situation you may have to go 40 – 50 km away, you can found HDFC branch around this distance.

Even if you are from any rural area but in about 40 – 50 km you can get the HDFC branch, and yes if you are thinking about opening an online account in HDFC then I apologize because you can’t open an online account in HDFC.

Yes, but if you search about opening an online account in HDFC, you will find many articles but remember that process will not open your HDFC account, but by that process, you can fill the form to open an account in HDFC.

But with that, you will not open your account in HDFC but just fill the form normally and you will have to visit the HDFC branch to submit documents, only after your account is opened.

HDFC Payzapp

The way you use google pay, Phonepe, etc. Similarly, HDFC also has Payzapp which works just like these, then it does not matter whether you have an HDFC bank account or not, if you don’t have an HDFC account you can add your other bank account and make transactions through UPI.

You will get the option of recharge, bill payment, ticket booking, etc. in the Payzapp, you will also get the option of a wallet like you get the option of wallet in Paytm.

HDFC debit card emi

Surely you will be aware about vehicle or other emi but will not know about debit card emi and it is very important to know what is debit card emi and how to use HDFC debit card for emi so that you can avail the emi through your debit card.

HDFC gives loans on debit cards and how much loan amount you can get depends on your account (Credit Score) so that you can shop from online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

And the best part is that you don’t have to go to the bank branch or anywhere, HDFC will give you loan from your debit card, For that just go to the shopping sites and select your preferred product.

You have to select EMI in the payment method and proceed by putting your HDFC card detail.

With an HDFC debit card, you can buy the same products on EMI that cost at least 5000 INR, if you want, you can check the available loan amount on your debit card.

Just send MYHDFC text message to 5676712 from your registered mobile number in HDFC, you will get information about how much loan amount can be taken on your HDFC debit card.

How to check HDFC bank balance

Although there are many ways to check this time bank balance, such as Phonepe, Google pe (UPI based), HDFC’s own banking app, apart from this HDFC has the option of messaging/calling, through which you also check your account balance without the Internet connetion.

Just give a missed call on 1800 270 3333 from your registered mobile number or type in the message bal and send it to 5676712, you will be informed through message how much balance is there in your account.

 Account types

Mainly HDFC bank has 4 types of accounts, but after incorporating some government schemes, these have become a total of 6 types of accounts but the account types provided by the bank are mainly 4 types and multiple of these four account types and these four account types have multiple account types.

Although all types of accounts work on the same basis, its difference is their services, you can select the account of the type of services you want.

1. HDFC saving account

HDFC savings account is an account that caters to almost all your needs, such as net banking, mobile banking, debit card EMI services, etc., almost everyone uses the savings account.

However, whether it is urban or rural because a saving account is completely suitable for everyone, it is not only in HDFC bank but in most of the banks people use saving account.

HDFC provides different types of savings account and the services of all of them are slightly different from each other which is designed for different categories of people.

  1. Specialé Gold And Specialé Platinum
  2. InstaAccount
  3. SavingsMax Account
  4. Women’s Savings Account
  5. Regular Savings Account
  6. Senior Citizen’s Account
  7. Kids Advantage Account
  8. Institutional Savings Account
  9. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
  10. Government Scheme Beneficiary Savings Account
  11. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) Small Account
  12. Saving Farmers Account
  13. DigiSave Youth Account

There are a total of 13 types of savings account in HDFC which have been created for different types of people according to their needs and facilities so that the customer can open the account with which they feel comfortable and enjoy its features.

2. Salary account

HDFC salary account is mainly provided by companies to their employees because if anyone opens their account in HDFC Bank, they open the direct savings account because most people do not know about the type of bank accounts and their facilities.

Although the salary account is not required for any company, but many companies use it for all their employees.

Salary account is specially designed for employed people this account takes care of what is required for an employed person, what the employed person would like to do, or what to use.

And HDFC salary account is also of multiple types for which you are suitable, you can open that kind of salary account, but only salary account is not necessary for any employee and you can choose any account type of your choice.

  1. InstaAccount
  2. Premium With Platinum Debit Card
  3. Premium With Millennia Debit Card
  4. Regular Salary Account
  5. Defence Salary Account
  6. Government Salary Account
  7. Family Salary Account
  8. Classic Salary Account

3. Current account

This is a type of HDFC account that is not used by individual people but rather the current account is used extensively such as charitable trust, housing society, Hospital, Institute, etc. if you operate something like this or If you do any business then HDFC current account will be better for you.

Because HDFC’s other account is for individuals, the current account is used for large purpose forex exchange, institutional, professionals, business purpose who do more transactions on a large scale.

How many types of HDFC current account are there

  1. Max Advantage Current Account
  2. Ascent Current Account
  3. Activ Current Account
  4. Plus Current Account
  5. Premium Current Account
  6. Regular Current Account
  7. Smartups For Startups
  8. Saksham Current Account
  9. Business Solutions For E-Commerce Industry
  10. Current Account For Professionals
  11. Agri Current Account
  12. Institutional Current Account
  13. RFC – Domestic Account
  14. Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) Account

4. HDFC rural account

Everyone has a variety of needs and with this in mind, HDFC has a rural account provided which is designed for special farmers and the rural accounts are two types of available

Types of HDFC Rural account

  1. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account – Farmers
  2. Kisan Savings Club

5. Public Provident Fund Account

Almost everyone knows about pf (provident fund) because when anyone goes to do a job in any company, PF is also one of the services provided by the company, but you probably will not have any idea about PPF.

Because PPF has been not launched for employees for a company but for the convenience of employees, people who do not have any PF or pension.

Although it is a government service, it is run through banks, and through HDFC you can create your own PPF account and PPF is completely tax-free.

In PPF you are given an interest of 7.1%, the loan can also be taken through the PPF account, which can be approved very quickly, you can get more information about the HDFC PPF account from here as well as check eligibility.

6. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account

This scheme is also a government scheme and it is also operated through banks, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana has been run for better future of daughters, this scheme gets an interest of 7.6%, Sukanya Samriddhi account is also income tax-free, So for the better future of your daughter, open Sukanya Samriddhi accounts now.

By the way, we are talking here about HDFC bank but if you want, you can open a Sukanya Samriddhi account and invest through other banks also.

HDFC Bank has a variety of cards

HDFC issues many types of cards that customers can apply as per their requirements but the terms of the cards are different for all types of cards.

HDFC mainly issues 5 types of cards which are listed below, and there are many types of these cards with different types of services.

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. Prepaid card
  4. Forex card
  5. Commercial credit card
  6. EMI card

HDFC franchise/kiosk center

HDFC also provides kiosk centers for the convenience of users, so that customers get kiosk centers from around them easily and they don’t need to go to bank main branch.

Not only HDFC but almost all banks provide kiosk center which makes their customers quite comfortable, so if you do not have an HDFC branch near you, then no matter you can open your account by going to kiosk center, you can do all the necessary things that are done in normal banking.

But you cannot manage any major tasks/changes etc. related to the account from the kiosk center, for this, you will have to visit the HDFC branch.

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