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PF is a word that every job person is aware of, but in starting people do not know much about PF and about 90% of people do not know epfindia, although PF is saving for the future of all employees, most people still face a lot of problems in PF withdraw because the system of PF is very high. It’s intriguing and if you have a small problem in your PF account, it may take a long time to fix that and in this situation, PF withdrawal may take a long time, EPFO login.

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So if you are going to do a job somewhere, it is very important for you to know epfindia, and when you can withdraw PF, etc. related to PF There are many such questions whose information is important for you.

Employee Provident Fund india

That is, the Provident Fund, the PF runs on the domain of portal ePF which means employees Provident fund, the account holder can go to ePF portal and see related information from their PF and even for PF claim, but for which there are certain conditions.

PF is a government scheme designed keeping in mind the future of the people working in the private sector, it includes the contribution of the employee, company, as well as a contribution by the government A good amount is prepared.

Because the salary of the people of the middle class is not so much that they can save directly too much because they spend the maximum amount of their salary for daily life then in this condition the person can only stay properly till the Job period. After doing the job and after leaving the job there will be no saving or income source, but its solution is PF.

A huge amount is collected by the PF for the future of the employee because every month a small amount is deposited in the employee’s PF account, although this amount is small, but it becomes a large amount after saving multiple years. that becomes the greatest support of the future of the employee.

Although it is not necessary that the person should save this amount for his old age, he can withdraw it earlier, but there are some conditions for that, only on the basis of those conditions, the employee can withdraw his PF amount.

Since PF is a government scheme meant for private-sector employees, a portal has been provided by the government on which employers (company) can register themselves so that their employees can get PF and when any person goes for the job, then its PF account is created by the company in which the employees are given a UAN number.

UAN (Universal Account Number)

This is the account number of the PF of the employees through which the employee can log in to his PF account and can see the complete details of his PF account, how much amount are being deposited in his PF account, yes any employee through his UAN number can log in to his PF account but cannot make any changes in it because almost important changes have to be approved by the employer.

Yes, but you can apply from your account and get it approved by your employer, although the employers themselves approve the changes submitted by the employees themselves, it probably takes much time, so in this condition, you can contact your employer.

The universal account number is 12 digits, with which a password is also required to log in, such as login in Facebook, etc. Password can be reset in case of forgetting the password.


KYC is an important part of PF because without KYC you cannot withdraw your PF because KYC is the process through which your bank account and any documents are added to your PF account like a bank account, pan card, Aadhar Card, and you cannot normally add any KYC.

Because any KYC will be added to your PF account only when the document will be approved by your employer, if you want to withdraw any amount from your PF account then KYC should be updated which includes bank account, pan card, aadhar card, But if you have not done KYC in your PF account, then submit KYC now and ask your employer to approve it so that you can withdraw your PF.

Mark Exit

Mark exit is a process whereby we update in our PF account that we have left the job and while exiting the mark we also have to add reason as to why you left the job, any option can be inserted in it. The most important thing is that anyone can mark exit after two months of the last installment by the employer.

The claim is a process by which we can withdraw our PF, in this, three forms are found in different conditions, PF 31, advance, through this form you can withdraw PF in advance because without mark exit PF withdrawal option would not be not available. Of which we have the best option of advance form, we can withdraw 50% of our total PF amount with this form, just have to give a reason why you want to withdraw PF in advance.

Through Form 19, only PF, by the 19 forms you can withdraw your entire PF. Remember you can’t withdraw pension with 19, and to withdraw PF, you will also have to fill form 15 G to avoid income tax, which is in the pdf file Will be, you can download form 15 G online and upload by filling.

Form 10c, this form is used to withdraw the pension contribution, so that you can withdraw the entire pension of your PF.

Withdrawl Timing

By the way, it does not take much time, after claiming, the amount will be dep[osit to your bank account within 1 week, but in some cases, it can take longer than usual and if it happens with you, then there is nothing to fear, it may take some more time too (15 – 20 days).

And maybe your claim may be rejected too. Yes, in many cases PF claim is rejected as well, so remember to be careful while submitting the claim and fill the errorless form. If your claim rejected you will also be told that what is the error and you can reapply by fixing them.

Member ID

Just like there is a UAN number, in the same way, there is a member id inside the PF account, and the per company has a different member id. If you have worked in only one company then there will be a member id, but if you have worked in two companies, then there will be two member id, which means the new member id will be created after joining the new company, the old member id will have to be transferred to the new id as the amount of old member id remains in the same member id.

And if you want to withdraw your PF, then PF will be withdrawn from your new member id so if you are thinking of withdrawing your PF and you have multiple member ids then first transfer the old member id to the new member id and Only then withdraw PF so that your entire PF can be withdrawn.


All PF account holders can log in to their PF account and view the passbook and also download the full data of PF in the passbook. If your PF account has multiple member ids then you will get multiple passbooks so that you can see 100% accurate detail. And there is no misunderstanding, because if all the member id’s data are in the same passbook then it will be quite confusing.


Nominee option is also available in PF, which is a very good option, and if you do a job somewhere and you get PF, then add nominee, so that in case of an accident, your PF is completely safe and the nominee gets the amount.

PF claim Process

Normally when we conduct a transaction with online banking, UPI, etc., it becomes instantly complete because it does not require any kind of manual action

Because it is computer programmed and we can do any kind of transaction in just a few seconds but not in PF, PF withdrawal seems to have a little more time because all of the PF are process manual, first of all, there conditions something to claim and if your PF account doesn’t agree to those conditions, you have to claim in the advance instead of the direct claim.

After claiming, your request is submitted on the ePF portal after which action is taken by the field office on your claim in some time. If your claim is correct, it is sent for further process.

Just then you have to wait and in a few days, your amount will be deposited to your bank account, of which info you will get by SMS and along with your PF account, the claim status will appear in the claim status in your pf Account, while the claim will be rejected. In case the claim appears rejected and the reason for the claim being rejected is also given.

UAN number problem

Many people forget their UAN number and the result is that they are not able to login into their PF account, they cannot check their PF, so in this case, the employee has two ways, First, he can find out his UAN number by contact from HR and the second way is to find out his UAN number by himself.


For which just go to https://unifiedportal-mem.ePFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on know your UAN and enter your mobile number which is linked to your PF account and enter captcha, click on request OTP, your OTP will come on the mobile number, enter it and complete the verification, you will get your uan number but maybe Your uan number will not be activated right now, you will have to activate it.

Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.ePFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on activate UAN


Enter your UAN number, name, date of birth, mobile number, and captcha, if you want, instead of entering uan number, or you can also enter any document id that you have updated in your PF account such as Aadhaar card number or pan number.

Click on the get authorization pin, Enter OTP and complete the verification, your UAN will be activated, now it is the turn to set the password.

By the way, when you activate your UAN number, a strong password will be automatically created by EPFO, and will be sent to your number that can be used to log in.

Changing password

Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.ePFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and click on forgot password, enter your UAN number, below you will get the option to add captcha, enter the captcha and click submit, enter OTP, Create a password and yes the most important thing is that you cannot create a simple password for your PF account, ie a mixed password which will contain alphabets, numbers, symbols, definitely remember this kind of password is a bit hard but never mind You can also note it somewhere.


And yes, most people go to the computer shop to PF claim or for any task related to PF and share their uan, password with them, although no other person will tamper with your account for no reason, but then when your task is complete, change your password again so that the person cannot log in in your account without your permission.


In order to claim PF, it is necessary to complete KYC, so let’s know how to do KYC in the PF account.

First, go to https://unifiedportal-mem.ePFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and log in by entering your uan number + password and captcha

Click on the manage and click the KYC, you will get the option of the bank, pan, aadhar, passport, all of which are necessary except passport.

So first click the bank and add your bank account number, put ifsc code, add your same account number in the confirm bank account number and click on the save, click the pan in the same way and add your pan number and save.

Click on Aadhaar and enter your Aadhaar number and click on save, OTP will be sent to your mobile number by uidai and verify, finally your PF KYC is done, now you may have to wait for a few days, about 1 week because it has been approved by your employer. if you want your KYC approved soon, then you can talk to your HR and ask them to approve it soon.

Claiming epfindia

So finally you are ready to withdraw PF and it is very easy to withdraw PF just go to https://unifiedportal-mem.ePFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and login to your account and click on online services Click on the claim (Form ……)

Enter your bank account number and click on verify and click on ok, remember it should have the same number which is approved in KYC, then click on proceed, in this, you will get the forms for which you want to apply (Advance, only PF, only pension)

The forms available for you will appear here but if there is no only PF or only pension form available, you will need to mark exit and this is done when you have left the job in such a condition you can withdraw PF in advance, how to withdraw PF in advance.

After confirming by entering your bank account, select PF advance form 31 and fill the form in which your basic information will have to be entered.

you will have to tell how much amount you want to withdraw and why you want to withdraw. You can enter half the amount of your entire PF, after filling the form, accept the term and click on send OTP.

On your mobile number linked to your PF, Aadhaar will get OTP, complete it by entering, your claim will be submitted on completion of verification, which will be checked by the field office in some time and an appropriate decision will be taken.

How to update my PF KYC

KYC is the most important step in PF account because if KYC is not done in your PF account you cannot withdraw amount from your PF account and after KYC You can withdraw money from your account anytime.

  • First of all go to unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in enter your UAN number and password, below you will get the option of captcha solve and click on sign in
  • Here you will get many options, one of which is Manage, click on it and click on KYC
  • Now mark the one whose KYC you have to do such as bank account pan card aadhar card and enter the details, if you want to do KYC of bank account then mark the bank details and enter your bank account number and IFSC code etc.
  • click on save button

KYC of your PF account bank account has been done, in the same way you can do KYC by entering your Aadhaar details and you can also do KYC by entering your PAN card, all these things are necessary for PF account.

Now it is important to see that your PF KYC has been done or not or what is the condition, for that you will get the option of Pending KYC there, click on it and here all the KYC entered by you will appear.

And KYC has to be approved by your employer i.e. by the company you work for and approval may also take some time like a week or 10 days or even more but you have another option Due to which KYC will be approved soon, for this you will have to talk to your employer, means company and ask them to approve your KYC as soon as possible, however if you are not in any hurry then there is no need to say to approve in 1 week He will do it himself but if you want your KYC to be completed as soon as possible then you can also ask to your employer.

Definitively your Employer will listen to you and will approve the same but if your Employer does not approve or creates any problem then you can also file complaint against him on EPF but you will not need it.

Although your Aadhar card and PAN card will always be the same, but some people want to change their bank account in this, then in this condition you will have to do KYC again and it will have to be approved by your employer, through this process your old bank account replaced will be replaced by new.

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