Difference between debit Card and credit Card, Credit Card vs Debit card

Whenever you will talk about online transaction or you need it somewhere, you will mainly present two things which are debit card and credit card but what is the last debit card and credit card you have to understand because right now If you do not understand debit card and credit card, then there may be some problem for you because a lot of people think that debit card and credit card are the same but there is a difference between the land and the sky, although the principal of working of both. They are same but their service age limit and amount are different.

What is the difference between debit card and credit card

And both are also used in many places for different purposes, in many places it happens that now if you want to make payment, then you will not only get the option of debit card there, you will get only the option of credit card, so if If you do not have a credit card, then you will not be able to use that service and if you would have seen many offers on Amazon Flipkart, then I would have been shown to you in many places that by using the credit card of some banks, you will get a lot of discount. First of all let us know what is the difference between debit card and credit card.

What do credit cards and debit cards look like

If we talk about the difference in the look of credit card and debit card, then there is no difference between them. Debit card and credit card are similar in appearance and their thickness, length width, everything is same, you debit card and credit card Both can be used in all ATM machines.

Some of the main differences between credit cards and debit cards are as follows

Debit Card

  • There are many types of debit cards such as Rupay card, Mastercard, Visa card, etc.
  • Debit card is also known as ATM card, whether you call it ATM card or debit card, both are the same thing.
  • When you open your bank account, then at the same time debit card is also applied for you and if your atm card expires then you can apply for new atm card and if you don’t have it. So you can get a new ATM made anytime
  • There is no limit of money in the ATM card, you can withdraw the balance in your bank account, but you can withdraw only as much as you have in your bank account, so that you will not get a single rupee more.
  • Through ATM card, you can also create UPI or Ballot account like on Google on phone etc.
  • Debit cards are issued only by the bank in which you open your account.

Credit Card

  • You do not get a credit card when you open a bank account because the credit card does not have any relation with the bank account, whether you have an account in that bank or not, but if you are eligible to take a credit card then you can get a credit card
  • In the credit card, you are given a fixed amount by that bank, that too according to your situation, which is in the form of a loan.
  • The credit card is made of any one fixed amount, if your ability is such that you can be given a credit card of 50000, then the bank will give you a credit card of 50000
  • Credit card is not given to everyone because it is a kind of loan and before issuing the credit card, the income and background of that person is seen whether that person is eligible to be given credit card or not. go
  • Although the amount is given on the credit card but it is not handed over to you in full rather it is given to you in the form of red and you can spend tea wherever you want but you will also have to refill it and if you If you don’t pay it on time, that credit card company/bank will charge you interest.
  • To get a credit card, it is not necessary that there is only a bank, but other finance companies will also give you a credit card.
  • You can get the benefit of credit card in many places such as online shopping or other web services because in many places if credit card is used then there is a lot of discount and in many places only credit card option for payment. only exists

what should i get credit card or debit card

Well, you can take anything, take a debit card or credit card, but before you take it, you should see about your needs, what you need because now you do not need a credit card, then you should go for a credit card. Do not worry because giving credit card will take some time because when you want to give credit card, you will have to contact the bank or finance company and complete many types of verification.

And you will have to show your statement that how much is your income, if you are given a credit card, after finishing the amount, will you be able to fill it or not, suppose if you take a credit card then you will benefit from it in many places Maybe because you can get discount at many places but it is not necessary that you will get discount on the same bank whose credit card you take, yes that can be a negative point for you.

For example, if you take a credit card of ICICI Bank and you want to buy a product on Amazon and in that you are getting a discount on that product but it may be that I am giving a discount on another bank’s credit card. Like axis, hdfc etc., then you will not get any benefit from that too.

So we have to say about this that if your income is very good then you can take it because giving credit card will be very small thing for you but if your income is not very good, your circumstances are not very good then you should take credit Do not think about the card because it can be a bigger problem for you, maybe even after you finish your credit amount, you are not able to pay it, even if interest starts accruing on it, then it can be a problem for you.

And as far as online transaction is concerned, online payment and mobile recharge, etc., etc., you can do it very easily through debit card, which you can do on Google on phone with Paytm etc. and now Right now you have an ATM card, then you can very easily create an account on your phone on Google and do all types of online transactions online payment and if needed, you can also pay using direct ATM i.e. debit card. can do.

So you have got this complete information above that what is the difference between credit card and debit card and we have also given you information that what is appropriate for you between these two yes but if you need very much then feel free to use credit card On which you will get some amount as loan, but if you are not very urgent then do not take credit card as it may increase your problems.

In this article you learned What is the difference between debit card and credit card We hope this information will be useful for you.

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