What is Corona Third wave

whenever an epidemic comes, it comes in many parts. And then again it will come fast and for some time it will be fast and then its effect will be little bit less and for some time it will be more but after some time its spreading will again accelerate.

And if we talk about history, then in all the epidemics that have come so far, maximum five phases have been seen till the fifth wave, now it does not mean that there are five waves in all epidemics, then this corona virus will also have five waves. Whatever epidemics had come earlier, due to lack of resources at that time, the country was not able to stop it.

But as you know, today’s time more capable than before, due to which it is expected that after the third wave, it will be controlled to a great extent.

Possibilities of corona third wave

If I talk about the third wave or wave of corona in the country of India, then as you all must have seen so far that whenever the first and second wave of corona virus came in India, then before that some other countries The infection was already speeded in many countries, which includes America, China, Europe, Brazil, Spain etc.

So if we look at this calculation, as per the sources, it is also known that the third wave of corona virus has started in some countries, and in some countries its infection has spread to a great extent, and where the third wave has started. The wave is going on, according to that data, doctors and scientists have says that, in the third wave of corona virus infection, ie, its risk on children has been seen more.

However, the faster and more children it is infected, so far it has been seen that its reacovry rate is also good, that means people are getting better in it, and if we talk about when the third wave will come in India. So doctors and researchers believe that in the month of the end of the year 2021, the third wave of corona virus is expected to come in India, that means in the month of October or November at the end of the year.

And if we talk about its spread, then doctors believe that if the vaccination is done well and fast in every state of India, then the risk of this third wave will be less than the first and second wave because till then inside our body. The immunity to fight the corona virus will have been strengthened to a great extent.

Because it has been seen in other countries as well, its effect is less than before, because in other countries more people have been vaccinated with corona and they get a lot of time to develop immunity to fight the corona virus.

Precautions from corona third wave

Although till now it has not been officially said. The wave has come or it has started, it has been told only on the basis of symptoms that on the basis of the symptoms found in the ongoing delta variant, some states of India have seen patients of corona virus. So on this basis we cannot say that delta variant has arrived in our country, because it is said only on the basis of symptoms.

So if we talk about how to avoid the third wave , then if you have the same question then you will have to understand the corona virus because whatever has been told so far would have worked somewhere to stop the spread of corona.

But as you saw the chaos in the first wave of corona and the second wave, if you are expecting the government to help us when the third wave comes, then as almost all the doctors do the same. It is to say that you should take the responsibility of your own safety, because the government has issued a guide line for everything, and whenever the government issues a guide line, there are many experts behind it.

So you must follow the guide line issued by the government and if we talk about the guide line, then I would like to tell you that the most important thing to stop corona is social distance means stay away from people as much as possible. Go out of the house only when it is necessary, and if possible, do jon work from your home, avoid going to the place where there are more people, and if you have to go, wear a mask, and keep your hands sanitised when Even if someone touches a deaf thing.

Corona third wave may be stronger than Corona so far

The question of many people remains that this time when the third wave of corona will come, will it be stronger than the corona as of now or will it be weak, then I would like to tell you that according to the sources, what has happened so far. Based on the information received, the corona virus in the third wave will be weaker than the first and second wave because some doctors say that now heart immunity has been seen in a large number of people.

And along with heart immunity, corona vaccination is also happening very fast, due to which immunity has increased inside people, and looking at many things, experts believe that the third wave will be weaker than before.

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