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PF i.e. Provident Fund is such a scheme by the government, under which funds are given to private employees, which includes the amount of that company and that person’s own and the government. employee can withdraw at any time in future.

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Any employee can login to his PF account and can take appropriate decisions like withdrawing PF, doing KYC, checking balance, changing profile, etc. things but for that you have to login because without UAN Login you cannot make any change in your PF account.

To login to the PF account, you must have things, the first is your UAN account and the second is the password and your UAN number is provided to you by the company, some companies give provides data to their employees every month in which the UAN number And the rest of the information is also recorded and it is also recorded that how much payment has been made in that month or how much PF they have received.

So you can login to your PF account using the same UAN number, for this you will not need to take permission from anyone because you are the owner of your PF account, still if you have never logged in to your PF account then You have to first activate your PF account, only then you will be able to use your PF account.

And if you have activated your PF account then you can login from here.

UAN Login home

  • So first go to and enter your UAN number
  • Enter your password in the box below it
  • Just below that you will find the option of captcha enter captcha and click on sign in

You will be logged in to your EPF account but if you face any problem during this then you should re-enter your login credentials and login because you may have entered this number wrong or wrong password. mainly captcha maybe wrong So check the captcha because the main reason for login failure is wrong captcha often people make mistake in it.

But if you are not able to login then you should forgot password and create new one.

If you are logged into your EPFO ​​account once, then you can use all the options present there, for that you will not need to UAN login again but if you want to see the passbook then you will need to login about this is mentioned below.

UAN login Passbook balance check

  • Go to and this page is also like of epfo-home here also enter your UAN number and enter your password in the box below it and just below that you will get the option of captcha but mathematically it will be solved enter the answer then click on login

If you are facing any problem in login then once check your UAN number check password and enter correct captcha.

But if you still facing any problem then it means that you have recently activated your UAN number ie EPF account because whenever a new UAN is activated it needs at least 6 hours To get activated completely.

Or it may be that you have changed the password of your UAN Login because even if you change the password, you have to wait for at least 6 hours or maybe 12 hours before that if you login to your EPFO ​​passbook login maybe fail, UAN login home.

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