What is ICU | ICU full form

Today in this post we will know what is ICU, because many times people get nervous after hearing the name of ICU. And this happens only because you do not know about ICU. What is ICU?

Although it is obvious that ICU is not used in normal condition. When the patient needs advance treatment, then the patient is shifted to ICU. But there is nothing to fear in this, because if someone’s physical condition is very bad. So he needs extra caring or treatment, for which ICU proves helpful.

What is ICU

The full form of ICU is Intensive Care Unit, it can also be called Intensive Care Unit, Intensive Care Room, Intensive Care Department.

Generally when those people hear about ICU. Those who don’t know about ICU, they think. That ICU would be a machine through which treatment would be done but it is not so. Rather ICU is called a special room, which is prepared for intensive care.

what happens in the icu

Intensive care does not mean only one disease or patient. Rather, there can be any kind of problem, there can be any disease and normally treatment is done. And most of the patients also become healthy, but it is not necessary that this should happen with every patient. Because often serious cases keep coming. Be it any patient, but when it becomes difficult to handle his condition normally. So he needs ICU.

And more intensive treatment is done through ICU, because there are many bio machines in the ICU room. Which exposes the patient’s condition in real time. And for the same treatment machines and different types of equipments are present.

Since ICU is meant to deal with complex situations. So in ICU a whole team of doctors and nurses handles the case. Because in such cases multiple processes may have to be done at the same time. Which can be difficult to do for just one doctor.

In this article you learned what is ICU. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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