How to viral video on youtube

Often people are worried about the growth of their YouTube channel, but if a video of our YouTube channel becomes viral, the growth of our YouTube channel suddenly increases, so it is important for you to know who it is. -What are the things keeping in mind that we can make our YouTube videos viral, although no YouTube video can be guaranteed to be viral, but we can follow some things that our videos Help us to go viral.

how to make youtube video viral

video quality

First of all you have to pay attention to the quality of your youtube video, however only video quality is not responsible for being about youtube video but first of all you should improve the quality of your video, and also improve the audio quality so that whatever Watch your video once, he wants to see your videos even further.


Title is the most important part of our youtube video, because when a video is searched on youtube or shown in the suggestion, only the title of our youtube video appears mainly, so the title has to be improved as much as possible. So put a title that is in suspense, that is, before playing the video, people should be suspense about what can happen inside it because such things attract people a lot.


Tag is an important part of YouTube video which categorizes your video, and in which category your video is to be shown more, it matters what type of search it should bring more, so definitely enter the tag too.


Enter keywords and short information related to your video in the description, most of the big YouTubers leave the description blank, but if you are not on YouTube then you have to focus on your discussion too, and don’t leave the discussion blank. Enter long-tail keywords that are based on your YouTube video


If we talk about what is the most important part of a YouTube video, maybe that part is the thumbnail, because most people click on the video only after seeing the thumbnail, so you make the thumbnail of your YouTube video as much as possible, make it attractive. Which can attract more and more people, because many such videos are often seen that there is nothing special in playing the video, but due to its thumbnail attracting, it has got a lot of views.

Avoid sharing the video

When people create their new YouTube channel, to make it grow more, they start sharing the link of their videos in different places, such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc. But you do not have to do this at all, because this will help us There is a negative impact on YouTube videos, because in this situation, YouTube’s algorithm is not able to decide who to send the impression of your YouTube video, however if you share your YouTube video, immediately after sharing some views But this situation can remain for a long time, but if you do not share your YouTube video, in the beginning some videos may not get views at all, but when your video gets views. If you start meeting, you will grow very fast.

upload regular videos

If you upload videos at an interval of many days, your video may not get much views, but if you upload regular videos ie a video gets uploaded in 2 to 3 days, in this case your videos Will continue to get regular, and there will be chances of videos going viral because not every video is viral, but some of the videos you upload may also go viral.

Set video upload time

Set a time for uploading videos to YouTube because when we upload videos at the same time every day, your subscribers know your time and they probably need to check your YouTube channel once by that time. Go, or definitely open YouTube and they may see your video in the suggestion, and if your video appears in the suggestion and the video is played, there are very high chances for the YouTube video to go viral. .

why youtube video goes viral

Youtube videos are mainly viral from suggestion videos and you can understand it in this way

  • Let’s say if you uploaded a video and youtube showed its impression to 50 people, that would be shown in the suggestion
  • So if those 50 people click on your video then their impression will be sent to more people
  • But suppose if the impression of your YouTube video That gets 59 impression, out of which only 25 people click on your video, the impression of your YouTube video will be sent to other people as well but less than the first condition.
  • And let’s say you upload a video and Youtube sends its impression to 50 people, out of which only 10 people clicked on that video, your video will still play well, but will not get very good response
  • And let’s say that if you uploaded a video that Gets 50 impressions, but no one played that video, it will be considered as low quality video, and its impressions will be sent very little or no.
  • At the same time, it also depends on how long the people playing that video are watching, even if people stop playing your video immediately, the chances of your video going viral will be reduced, But if most of the impressions of your video are being clicked and your video is being played, and people are watching it completely, your video may be viral.

use youtube short

You can use short for running your YouTube channel because it is often seen that videos of YouTube short are more viral.

Note: You must have seen many such videos that there is no special title, no special thumbnail nor any special description, but still those videos are watched a lot but the reason for their watching more is their There is popularity, that is, if there is a channel that has a good number of subscribers and that channel is running well, the title does not matter at all, which title it is putting or which description it is putting or Who is putting the tag, but now your YouTube channel is new and you do not have any identity on YouTube, all these things will matter a lot for you.

Make video on trending topic

In this whole article, you have been told many things that can help your YouTube video to go viral, but there are two main parts of this article on which you have to pay more attention, which is the trending topic and second is the thumbnail and Yes, remember that the focus has to be on the video quality as well.

If you make a video on a trending topic, then even if you are zero subscriber, you have not uploaded any particular video, you have not done anything till date, but still there are chances of your video going viral, because there are many Such channels have been seen whose growth is negligible, but if a topic starts trending, if they make a video on it, their channel suddenly grows, due to which people often watch trending things. Like, and always something is trending, so in such a situation, you have to pay attention to what is trending, on which topic it would be appropriate to make a video so that it becomes more viral.

Why my video is not viral on YouTube

Even if you have been on YouTube for a very long time, but it is not necessary that everyone’s video is going to be viral, although we have told you many ways above that you should follow, so that your YouTube video is more likely to go viral. Increases, but still there is no guarantee that your video will be viral or not, because many such videos have been seen which are of no use, that is, they remain absolutely waste, yet they become viral. And many times it is also seen that there are many good videos but they are not viral, you can understand that there is no exact way to make a YouTube video viral, yes but follow the above mentioned method. By following you will increase the chances of your YouTube video going viral.

How long does it take for a video to go viral on YouTube

There is no time to be about youtube videos, and it doesn’t matter at all whether your youtube channel is 1 day old or 10 days or 1 year or 10 years, many people’s youtube channels are not very old Only then their videos become viral and while many people’s youtube channel is very old yet their videos are not viral, so we can say that there is no fixed time for youtube videos to go viral.

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