How to use VPN

If you are not able to open any website or application etc. because it is banned in your location, then you can also use that website or application by using VPN, and that too for absolutely free and that website or application. No one will even know who you are, and from where you are using that service, because a VPN is a virtual private network that completely replaces your network.

How to get VPN

If you use Android mobile then you can go to Google play store and install VPN app, which are available for free as well as provide you the option of free and paid servers, and if you want to use it for normal use. If you want to use a VPN, then the free version of the VPN will be enough for you, but if you want to do streaming then you should think about the paid VPN, so that you do not have to present the networking problem.

How to set up a VPN

Setting up a VPN is a very easy process in which you can go to any country of your choice and activate your VPN.

  1. First of all open your vpn app, if you are opening it for the first time then you are opening vpn app then vpn will ask you for permission give permission
  2. Now select the country for which you want to use VPN, for example if you are from India and want to play pubg then you can select any country other than India where pubg is not banned
  3. After that click on activate button
  4. Click on Next

Just your mobile will be connected to BPL and now you will be able to open that application this website which is banned in your area or in your state or your country.

How to use VPN free

You can also use VPN for free. All BPN applications have both free and paid options and both have their own specialty.

  • You can use any vpn for free but free vpn allows you to see more ads, and may get low server speed or you get data up to a certain limit
  • If you use paid VPN then you will not be shown ads and server speed will also be better and there will be no limit in it

To use VPN for free, you do not have to do anything, just install any VPN application and activate it, and BPL will be activated in your mobile, just you will have to face the problem of ads as well as low speed. Problems may also have to be faced.

How to use VPN on laptop free

If you want to use VPN in laptop, then there are many ways, one is to use VPN by installing any software directly and the other is to use VPN by installing VPN in Chrome, and it is perfect for different situations. It remains, if you want to run your computer’s software on VPN then you will need VPN software, but right now you only want to access some website through jpn, then for this you do not need to download any software. No, you can use VPN only through chrome extension and open any website which is blocked in your region that came in your country.

Although many top tech companies also provide computer VPN such as avast or nord vpn, but if you want to use these bpn then you have to buy their premium version, because they are available for free only for a very specific time. So, we will tell you about a VPN that you can use for a long time for free.

  1. First go to protonvpn and click on download vpn
  2. Once the downloading is complete, install that software on your computer.
  3. Open protonvpn and connect vpn by selecting server location

Your vpn will be connected and if you use vpn in this way then your entire computer will run on vpn ip i.e. whether you use any software or use any website, all programs of all the same native ni thi but if you want to run only some website on vpn then follow below procedure

How to use VPN in Chrome

  1. Go to Chrome Nord VPN and Click on Download
  2. Chrome will ask you for installation
  3. After the installation is complete, open a website in your Chrome and the extension bar will appear in front of the URL bar, in which your VPN extension will appear (if not visible then click on the 3 dot of the extension and pin the VPN extension)
  4. Now click on that vpn extension and select a location for your vpn
  5. click connect

VPN will be connected in your Google Chrome browser, remember that only those websites will be opened on the VPN that you will open Google Chrome but if you use any software other than Google Chrome, then it will not run on VPN but your normal be used over the network.

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