How to use two whatsapp in single phone

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger that is why the whole world uses it and even many people want to use more than one WhatsApp but they are not able to do it even if they want to use because they have no idea about it. That is how to use two whatsapp in one phone, but not just two rather you can use 4, 6, 8, 10 as many whatsapp you want to use in one phone.

And for this, there are many different ways that provide us the facility to clone apps, even some phone companies also provide the option of app clone in their phone, through which we can use any of our phones. You can double the application, but this feature is not present in the phones of all companies, so for this we may have to use third party applications.

how to use two whatsapp in one phone

By the way, we will tell you multiple ways about how to use two whatsapp in one phone so that you will be able to use not only two but more whatsapp but the simplest way to use two whatsapp in one phone is Using both WhatsApp applications that is Normal WhatsApp and the other is Business WhatsApp.

You must have heard about the Business WhatsApp application, this application also works just like WhatsApp, just it has been made keeping in mind the needs of the merchants, but it is not necessary that only merchants should use WhatsApp Business, but normal Users can also use it, if you are already using WhatsApp and to use dual WhatsApp, go to Google Play Store and download WhatsApp Business and create your account.

  • First go to google play store
  • Search WhatsApp Business and click on it
  • Click on install button WhatsApp Business will be installed in your phone in few seconds or minutes
  • Now open your WhatsApp business, enter your mobile number and create your account, but remember that you will not be able to use the same mobile number in your WhatsApp business account as you are doing in WhatsApp, for this also you will need a separate mobile number must be used from

This method of using two WhatsApp in one phone is same for everyone, everyone can also download WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business by going to Google Play Store and can use two WhatsApp in their same phone because both these applications are different. But in the coming ways, there may be a little difference in all the phones, about which information is given below.

how to use two whatsapp in one phone with app clone

You must have heard about App Clone, through which we can double any of our applications, mainly it is present in Vivo and Redmi’s phones, if you are Vivo or Redmi user, by this process you can use Two WhatsApp without any third party app

  • First of all turn on your mobile and touch your WhatsApp and hold for 2 seconds
  • If app cloning feature is present in your phone then “app clone” will appear click on it and immediately your phone will create duplicate application of WhatsApp
  • But by touching and holding the app, the option of app clone is not available, then you go to the settings of your phone and search for app clone, if you find app clone there, then go to it and click on WhatsApp and duplicate copy of WhatsApp in your phone. will become
  • And if the app is cloned then after that you can create your WhatsApp account in the normal way like you normally create your WhatsApp account, just open your new WhatsApp and enter your mobile number in it and complete your verification and your account is ready. will go

such as vivo users

If cloning feature is present in your phone, then you can clone your app by going to your phone’s settings.

  • Go to the settings of your phone and click on applications and permission and in the last you will get the option of clone, click on it
  • In this your applications will be shown which you can clone, of which WhatsApp is also one, click on the photo on WhatsApp, your WhatsApp will be copied and its icon will appear on the home screen of your phone, by clicking on it your I WhatsApp Pay account and a new mobile number has to be used for that

second way

  • And the second way is to go to the home page of your phone, touch and hold that application, all the options will appear, out of which you have to click on clone.
  • And in just a few seconds your WhatsApp will be opened and a copy of it will appear on your homescreen, by going to that you can set up your account.

Above procedure for those people whose phone already has app clone feature but if app clone feature is not present in your phone then you can do app cloning using a third party, the method is given below

Download Parallel Space Application

  • Go to google play store and search parallel space and install it in your phone, when you search parallel space application on play store you will understand many applications with the same name you can use any application but we have The picture of the application used is shown below How to use two whatsapp in a single phone
  • After the installation is complete open your first space app and it will show some applications which you can clone like whatsapp, chrome etc. Click on the add button of the application you want to call
  • But if the application you want to clone is already present on the home page of Parallel Space, then click on it, Parallel Space app will ask permission for unknown source installation Click on OK to enable unknown installation
  • Go back to your Parallel Space app and click on WhatsApp, and then click on your WhatsApp again
  • Now your Parallel app will start cloning, just wait for few seconds and your second WhatsApp will be ready and a new folder will be created in which your newly copied application will now click on it and create your account
  • If you want to open any other application than this, just click on the plus icon in the right side and a list of all the applications present in your phone will appear and click on the add button of the application you want to clone. give and that application will also be cloned

how to use three whatsapp in one phone

Below has been told to double your whatsapp how can you use 2 WhatsApp and if you want to use more WhatsApp than that, then you can use the same method, the only condition will be That you have to use more than one cloning app because above you have been told about an app using which you can clone your whatsapp only once i.e. you can use two whatsapp in your phone.

But the application you have cloned using that application will no longer be able to clone it again with the same application but if you want you can download more than one application cloner and use multiple whatsapp as you wish 2, 4, 6, 10 etc. But through one application clone you will be able to clone only once i.e. you have to install as many application cloner apps as you want to use WhatsApp and the process of cloning the application will be same as mentioned above.

install primary whatsapp to clone whatsapp

Whether app clone feature is present in your phone or you install any app cloner application from google play store but one condition for all is that any application you want to copy should already be installed in your phone. And App Cloner copies this application i.e. if you want to use two, three, four, eight whatsapp in your phone, install app cloner as much as WhatsApp you want to use if your phone does not have the primary WhatsApp, then first of all install it.

Use App Clone or Phone App Clone to use two WhatsApp in one phone?

If app cloner is present in your phone then you can use app cloner of your phone but through this you can clone only few applications including whatsapp but if you use an external app cloner then You will be able to clone most of the applications on your phone

how to use whatsapp for two numbers in dual-sim android phone?

Only one number can be used in one WhatsApp application and if you want to use multiple mobile numbers then you have to use App Cloner so that you will be able to clone your WhatsApp and use more than one WhatsApp

How to know if someone is using 2 WhatsApp in same phone?

There is no way to find out because WhatsApp allows only one WhatsApp installation in a phone, but many mobile companies give the option of app cloning and even there are many applications on the Google Play Store to double your WhatsApp and not only WhatsApp but all other applications can also be cloned, and in this case a secondary space is created which allows the same application to be placed in different space.

Which applications can use two or more WhatsApp in one phone?

All you have to do is search on Google Play Store, WhatsApp cloner, dual WhatsApp, multi space, parallel space, etc anything, and you will find hundreds of such applications that provide you the facility to clone the app, just you have to install them on your phone, and you will be able to copy your WhatsApp.

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