How to use internet

  1. Internet connection device
  2. Use a web browser or specific app
  3. Use a search engine or photo of a specific website
  4. Create your email/website ID
  5. online shopping
  6. online financial transactions
  7. Use the Internet for stories/jokes/information/education
  8. Avoid Fraud on the Internet 

how to use internet

Internet connection device 

How to use internet

First of all you should have a device that can provide you internet connection, mainly people use mobile for this, but if you want you can also use hotspot device or a separate broadband, but if you want to use the Internet for your personal use only in your mobile, you will not need any separate WiFi connection because you can easily connect to internet through your mobile using any company’s sim card.

So first of all buy a SIM card and insert it in your mobile and get its internet recharge done, and you can get the internet recharge done according to your need, although at this time there are very cheap plans which will give you a daily recharge. They provide a lot of data, in which you get 1GB – 3GB, and for 1 day this much data is enough to meet all your needs.

enable data connection

All devices have the option to turn on and off the data connection, so if you want to use the Internet in mobile, or if you want to use the Internet in a computer laptop through mobile, then you have to turn on your mobile data connection. After that, all the applications on your phone will be able to use the Internet connection, and you will be able to use the services present in the application.

And if you want to use the internet on your computer from your mobile internet, then turn on the wifi in your computer by turning on the hotspot in your mobile, and connect to it by entering the password of your mobile wifi.

Use a web browser or specific app

To use the Internet, you have to use an application software, because without any application software you cannot use the Internet, whether it is a browser or a specific application, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you want, you can install it on your phone, or whatever you want, you can also do internet surfing through a browser.

If you want to watch the video you can go to youtube, if you want to use social media then you can create your account on facebook whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc. If you want to search, or want to do some research, you have to use a web browser, and all phones have a web browser installed by default, apart from this Google Chrome browser is installed in all Android phones, and most people uses Google Chrome browser only.

Use a search engine or a specific website

You have to use the search engine for the search you like because the search engine is a website that keeps the data of the whole Internet and serves it when people search, mainly Google, Bing and Yahoo is the largest search engine and most of the people use Google search engine only.

Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the search box, you can type whatever is going on in your mind. , or what is, how is it, why is it, how much is it, etc, search whatever is in your mind, and you will get the information related to it immediately.

When you use Google Chrome browser, by default you are shown the search result in Google search engine, and not only Google Chrome browser but you will get Google search engine by default in 95% of browsers, although you can use it. If you want, you can change it, or if you want, you can directly search by opening or, but if you want more accurate results then you can use Google search engine.

You can understand the search engine as an example that if you go to a specific website, say, you will find only some specific articles on it, but it will not be able to meet all your needs, because If you want to know about a vacancy, or want to go a place or social media website or want to read a joke, then not all of these information will be found on Wikipedia, or on any number of different websites, You will find different types of content on various types of website, but if you use a search engine such as, or, you will get all kinds of information, no matter what you want in it.

Create your email/website ID

You have to create your own email account because most of the internet services are based on e-mail like if you want to use any product of google then you will need gmail account for that, or you want to use facebook, you will have to create your Facebook account, or if you want to use WhatsApp or any other website, then for most websites you will need to create your account, whose control is completely in your hands, if you want you Can also delete it anytime.

Although you can use a site without an account, in that condition you will not be able to use all the features of that website, because you need to have an account for that website to access all the features, and You cannot use social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram without an account at all.

online shopping

Internet has also contributed a lot in online shopping, it often happens that we can not get all the things in the market near us, so in such a situation you can go towards online shopping and most of the people are doing online shopping a lot at this time. Like, in such a situation, you can buy any goods for which you will not need to go anywhere, just use shopping website Amazon Flipkart etc. through internet, you have to shop using the website, and that product delivery can take upto 4 – 5 days depending on your location, and you can pay online while you place order and if you want, you can also use pay on delivery to pay cash.

And online shopping is completely safe, but many people do not have the right information about online shopping, how to do online shopping, due to which they get caught in many fraudulent sellers, and they get fake products. Instead of product bricks and stones are found, to avoid them, once you must get the right information about online shopping, so that you can do safe online shopping.

online financial transactions

It has become very easy to do online financial transactions through the Internet, for which you will no longer need to go to the bank branch, you just need to have a debit card of your bank account, and you can do all types of transactions sitting at home, You can even transact from abroad, for which there are many companies, although for financial transactions from abroad, you will have to gain a lot of information, and create an account on many different company websites, but if you want to do any kind of financial transaction within the country, for that you have a debit card of your bank, you can do the transaction easily.

Use the Internet for stories/jokes/information/education

Through the Internet, you can get everything that you used to get from books, such as stories, jokes or anything in the field of education, for this you do not have to pay any kind of amount or take subscription, most of the things you get on the Internet for free. You will get it, whatever you want to read, search about what you want to see, you will find that content in Google search result.

Avoid Fraud on the Internet

You will be surprised to know that there is a lot of fraud on the Internet, due to which if you are now tampering more on the Internet without any knowledge, you may become a victim of some fraud, and you will suffer a lot, Especially you have to be more careful when you do any work through internet which helps you financially, otherwise your one mistake can empty your bank account, or your mobile can be hacked or your call record etc can be done, or it may be that any person/hacker can trace your activity, although no person can direct hack you, but he can do so only if you do something by mistake such as Having a virus in the phone or clicking on any malicious link etc.

In this article, you learned how to use internet, we hope this information will be useful for you.

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