How to upload video on YouTube

Upload video on YouTube, At this time YouTube has become very popular And people use it more than TV. YouTube is a google’s product and everybody can use it for free anytime, anywhere as you wish. We will tell you here Video Upload, Upload video on YouTube.

Although YouTube knows the whole world. But very few people know about its special features and here we are going to tell you about this special features.

Because people use YouTube just to watch videos. So If we say you can make money from YouTube, it can be called a special feature.

Although we will tell you mainly about uploading videos on YouTube. Well anybody can upload their video normally by creating a YouTube channel. But biggest problem comes to those who do not have a PC, and they think that now I can not make money from YouTube.

You know that mobile of this time is very powerful, Almost all online works of laptops can be done from mobile .

Although this is another thing that laptop and mobile can’t be synchronized, but we can easily access all desktop version sites on phone .

You may have seen YouTube’s mobile version site that you do not get YouTube creator studio. Because YouTube has created Creator Studio only for desktop users.

But don’t worry we will tell you multiple ways to upload video on YouTube, by phone and PC .

You see lot of videos on YouTube And what you think about those videos? You think anything But I want to tell you that YouTube is a huge source of earning money and name fame.

There are already a lot of creators on YouTube who are earning a lot of money and name fame. So why are you so late, just start making your own identity on YouTube.

You see the big YouTuber and their YouTube channels. One day they were nothing. And today, on the strength of their hard work, they are star on YouTube.

I mean to say that if you upload a video to YouTube, you can also earn all these from YouTube,  (name fame, money, freedom, etc)

How to upload video on YouTube

If you think that YouTube channel can be managed only through the PC, you are wrong because we can upload video on YouTube without PC and earn money. And here I will tell you about uploading videos on YouTube from both PC and mobile.

But first of all I want to tell you the process about earning money from YouTube.

Here’s the full process of earning money from YouTube

  1. First, we have to make a YouTube channel and creating a channel is absolutely free and it will take only 2-4 minutes. For this, we need a Gmail ID, and we can also create our email ID totally free.
  2. When our YouTube channel is ready, we need to upload videos to our channel.
  3. Now we only have to upload videos until our channels get minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.
  4. When our channel completes 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch, we have to apply to get our channel approved of Adsense. Because we earn money from YouTube through Adsense ads \.
  5. We have to monetize our videos after the Adsense account is approved and after that our videos will start to get ads from Adsense and we will be able to make money from YouTube.

I hope you understood the whole process of making money from YouTube.

How to upload video on YouTube from PC

  1. Open your browser like as chrome, firefox, etc and open
  2. Click on the sign in button and enter your gmail address and password. After logging on YouTube your gmail picture will be visible on the place of sign in button.
  3. Click on your pic and click on my channel.Open for upload video on youtube-min
  4. Now put a name for your channel and click on create channel . You can also change your YouTube channel’s name directly by going to your Gmail account . That is, name of your Gmail account will be name of your YouTube channel.How to upload video on youtube from pc-min
  5. Click on customize channel, Because it is necessary that we first customize our channel so that our channnel looks pretty .Customize your youtube channel-min
  6. Now from here, you can add a banner and profile picture for your YouTube channel. Also put a description (in the description describe about your YouTube channel) . But remember that when you click to edit profile picture. It will redirect you to your Google Account and you have to change your profile gmail profile piture .  Picture that you put in your google account, will be show  as your YouTube channel profile picture .How to upload video on youtube from laptop

Wow, how much easy to make YouTube channel, So finally your YouTube channel is ready. Now you can upload video on your channel via PC. And after sometime you can start make money from YouTube .

How to upload video on YouTube

  1. Click on camera + icon, now you will get two options and you have to click on upload video and if you want you can publish live video by “go live” .Click on plus button to upload video on youtube
  2. Now drag your video here or click on upload icon and select your video from your PC . ( after dragging or selecting video, uploading will start automatically ) .Select or drag your video to upload video on youtube-min
  3. Now fill title, description and tag boxes. if you want to change your thumbnail, do scroll down and select any other pic or upload a new image for your video’s thumbnail .Enter title description tag and click on publish buttonHow to upload video on youtube from pc or phone
  4. Finally click on publish button .

Note : Take titles, descriptions, and tags seriously

If you do not fill them properly, you are doing a big mistake because it gives us a lot of help in seo .

As an example, see how you should fill up the title, description and tag.

Suppose you made an video on “How to upload video on YouTube from mobile phone’ then how do you fill up all these boxes .

Title – According to my opinion, there will be no change in the title but try to make it longtail, so that title looks pretty and differ from your competitors .

Description – Once anywhere put your entire title in description but note that you have to make it long more than title .

So in the description you can tell about your video, steps, or anything which can increase your content quality, and you must use at least 100 words in it .

Tag – In the tag put your YouTube video’s keywords (5-6) .

Congrats your video on your channel has been uploaded and published, now anyone can view it on YouTube .

How to upload video on YouTube from phone

I told you a way to upload videos from laptop to YouTube. But I’ll tell you multiple way to upload videos from mobile to YouTube (from browser and YouTube app) .

As far as uploading videos on YouTube from laptop, everyone can do easily without anyone’s help. But those who don’t have laptop and wants to upload video on YouTube. They feel it very hard because everyone has laptop but laptop do not have everyone .

And it will be interesting to know that most people start their YouTube channel on mobile yes this is true . You know that i am a blogger and i want to tell you that also i started my blogging from a phone .

So i just want to say that when maximum people are starting their journey via phone and became successful YouTuber, blogger, so why can’t you .

If you have a laptop, it’s a great, But I know that everyone does not have laptop. If he wants to upload a video to YouTube or if he wants to do any online work. He is not sure whether he will be able to do that work from his phone or not. So today here we will solve your this problem .

According to me, we can do almost all online work from our phone. And today here we will tell you about uploading video from phone, and also i will tell you that how can you manage your YouTube channel from your phone just like desktop .

How to upload video on YouTube from mobile phone (using YouTube  app)

YouTube app is already installed in all android phones. So you do not need to download any app.

But if you have old version YouTube, first, update your YouTube app, And if your YouTube app is up to date, go ahead .

  1. Open your YouTube app and on the home page you can see videos and camera option. Click on camera icon .How to upload video on youtube from mobile phone
  2. Now select any video from your device or create a new which you want to upload on YouTube and select “any network” .How to upload video on youtube from mobile-minupload video on youtube
  3. Fill your video’s title and description, finally click on send button. Do you noticed one thing that tag option is not provided here. So easily you can say it that this a temporary way to upload video on YouTube . Finally upload how to upload video on youtube from mobile

your video is now uploading and this can take some seconds or minutes. it’s depends on your video size, After uploading, you can watch your video on YouTube.

If you want to upload video on YouTube only for fun, there is no problem. But if you want to become a YouTuber, don’t use this app because this app is not compatible for YouTube creators .

Youtube app is specially designed only for viewers .

If you want to become YouTuber, use this second method because this is fully compatible for YouTube creators .

Uploading video on YouTube through Web browser

Here I have told you multiple ways to upload videos to YouTube from mobile, But you can’t control your YouTube channel by earlier mentioned method .

But in this way you can completely control your YouTube channel as everyone controls on desktop. Because in this way YouTube is open on our phone in the same way as opens on laptop.

  1. Open your mobile’s browser (chrome, firefox) .
  2. Search “YouTube dashboard” on google, and click on first result . Now YouTube will say that this page is just available in desktop version, And YouTube will say you to install Creator Studio app, but don’t download it because YouTube creator studio app is useless .How to upload video on youtube from mobile
  3. Finally scroll down and click on desktop. Now YouTube mobile version will redirect you to desktop YouTube and you can see YouTube dashboard, desktop site on your phone browser . All the further procedures are exactly same, as we have already mentioned above. Take me up for further processingHow to upload video on youtube via android mobile phone-min
  4. Now we will tell you in short because this is the same as already we mentioned earlier you can go Take me up for further processing .
  • Enter your YouTube channel name and click on create channel 
  • Click on customize 
  • Customize your channel, set banner, profile pic, description . 
  • Click on camera + icon, click on “upload” select your video
  • Fill title, description, tag, select thumbnail and click on publish button .
  • Now your video is uploaded on YouTube from your mobile phone

By the way, I mainly told here to upload videos and manage YouTube channnel just like desktop .

But not just YouTube, you can open and use any website’s desktop version on your phone by this way, Like google facebook bing wikipedia etc .

If you do not have a laptop, you can still upload videos to YouTube and become YouTuber and according to me you will not have any problem in it .

Because you can access YouTube Creator Dashboard on your phone just like desktop.

However, if you have a PC, it is much better. Because you can edit your videos perfectly by PC but don’t worry if you don’t have PC. You can edit your videos by your phone because there is lot of apps which you can use for edit your video .

After some time when you make some money from your channel and you can buy your own PC. If you think that this is too easy, you are wrong because in the starting of a channel making money is hard .

But after some time when your YouTube channel will grow. You can make a lot of money from your YouTube channel And then you can buy a laptop.

Never think that only those who have uploaded videos from a laptop on YouTube can only go ahead. Because this is not important that what device you use to upload videos, Rather it is important that your video’s quality how much better .

I know that you have uploaded your video to YouTube and when you have seen it on YouTube you will be very happy. But just by uploading videos to YouTube nothing happens.

Because uploading video on YouTube is not a big thing, Rather, big thing is happens when maximum people see it. For which you may have to work a bit harder, after all, you wants to become a successful YouTuber then obviously you have to work hard, Video Upload, Upload video on YouTube.

How to upload video on YouTube and earn money?

You can not earn money by just uploading some videos on YouTube, but you have to create quality content because earning from YouTube is only when your video gets views, so try to make maximum quality type videos, you will earn income. You will not have to think about it at all because if your videos get a good amount, then you will be able to make a very good income.

How to upload video on YouTube for first time?

First of all create your youtube channel and design your channel, verify youtube channel and after complete setting of channel you can upload video to your youtube channel and after upload you can also share your video if you want Huh

How to upload video on YouTube from laptop?

Although the method has been mentioned above but we would suggest that you use the mobile application only because if you upload a video to YouTube from a laptop and accidentally close the chrome then the video will stop uploading and you will have to download it again. Video will have to be uploaded, but now you upload the video from mobile, then even after closing the YouTube application, your video will continue to be uploaded.

How to upload video on YouTube from phone

How to upload video on YouTube and earn money

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