How to Upload photo on Google photos

If your phone’s storage is full or if there is a photo in your phone, you can be harmed by losing it, or you want those photos to be always with you or you want to get a new phone and want to move all your photos, videos, etc to your new phone, or there can be many such reason, we would suggest you to use Google Photos, because you can very easily upload all your photos and videos to Google Photos by uploading them. and access it in more than one device and if ever your device gets damaged, there will be no fear of losing it because you can add your Gmail account to any device to get those photos and videos. will do.

How to upload photo on Google Photos from mobile

Google Photos is already installed in all Android mobiles, because of this you will not need to install Google Photos, but you will need a Gmail account to upload your photos to Google Photos, if you have already installed your Gmail. If you have not created an account, then first create your Gmail account, and login to your phone, then follow this process to upload your photo to Google.

  1. First of all open the Google Photos application and Google Photos will show all your media files which are in your gallery.
  2. Click on your profile picture and click on turn on backup
  3. Enable Use cellular data when there is no WiFi
  4. and click on the confirm button (you can also set the uploading quality of your google photos and videos if you want, the default is data saver you can also set the original quality if you want, and if the data is in saver So Google Photos completes your photos and videos, which greatly reduces the size of your media files)

How to upload a single photo on Google photos

Many times it happens that there are many photos and videos in our phone but we do not want to upload all the photos to our google photos but only want to upload some photos which are important for us and if you want Upload one or two photos to your Google Photos. So for that you do not have to call the backup from your Google Photos settings, but you will be able to upload direct, whereas if you turn on the backup from your Google Photos then all the media files on your phone are backed up.

  1. First go to the gallery of your phone and click on the photo that you want to upload to Google Photos
  2. Click on Share and Click on Google Photos
  3. Select your email account and click on the upload button below

Your photo that you selected will be uploaded to your Google Photos account in a few seconds, but remember that only one photo can be uploaded to Google Photos at a time through this process, that is, if you have more If you want to upload photo then again you have to go to your gallery and share by clicking on that photo and click on photos, same process will be used for different photos.

How to upload photos to Google Photos from PC

If you want to upload photos to Google Photos through your computer, then you have two ways for this too, one is to upload directly using Google Photos website, and the other way is to upload Google Photos to your computer. Install whichever method you like, you can use that method, the process of both is given below.

  1. First of all open and login with your gmail account
  2. Click on Upload on the right side and select the media file from which you want to upload
  3. Continue Uploading will start

from google photos software

  1. Go to and download the Google Photos software to your computer
  2. Once the software is downloaded, install it and open it
  3. Login with your Gmail account
  4. click on upload
  5. Select the file you want to upload and open
  6. Continue Uploading will start

How to transfer photos from Google Photos to gallery

There are 2 ways to manage your Google Photos videos and photos

  1. First of all go to your Google Photos and click on the photo which you want to move to your gallery
  2. Click on 3 Dot and Click on Download

That photo will be downloaded to Google Photos for free and will be saved in your gallery.

And another way to put photos and videos from google photos into gallery, there is no way but you have to manage your photos from your google photos, because if you open your google photos then all your media files are visible And if you want, I can also use Google Photos as a gallery, the way you share photos from the gallery, delete, edit, in the same way you can share your photos by going to Google Photos. You can edit and delete it.

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