How to update WhatsApp

WhatsApp keeps updating itself from time to time in which new features are added and bugs are fixed like WhatsApp becomes better than before and when the update of WhatsApp comes, then for some days you can update without WhatsApp. But after a certain time WhatsApp stops working unless you update WhatsApp.

And it is important for all the users that as soon as there is a new update of any application, then your application should be updated and if you are a WhatsApp user then it is very important because WhatsApp is a messenger that is used by everyone. One does the most because it is the best and popular messenger for private messenger.

how to update whatsapp

If Update Now button is visible on your WhatsApp application and you are not able to use your WhatsApp then use this procedure

  • Open your WhatsApp and click on Update button
  • WhatsApp will take you to the play store and the WhatsApp application will appear on it click on the update button
  • In few seconds or minutes your WhatsApp will be updated and downloading speed depends on your internet speed

how to update whatsapp

If you want to know whether the update of WhatsApp has come or not or how many applications are there in your phone which you can update, then you can do it very easily by going to your Google Play Store.

  • First go to Google Play Store and click on your profile picture in the right side and click on My Apps & Devices
  • If WhatsApp’s update has come, then its list will be shown here, click on WhatsApp, click on Update, your WhatsApp will start updating

how to update whatsapp by search

  • First of all open google play store and type whatsapp by clicking on open search box
  • WhatsApp will appear in the search result, click on it
  • If the update of WhatsApp has come then here the Update Now button will appear, click on it and in a few seconds your WhatsApp will be updated

What happens if I don’t update WhatsApp?

If the update of WhatsApp has arrived and you do not update your WhatsApp, then for a few weeks you can use WhatsApp as normal, but after a few weeks, the update button will come on the front of your WhatsApp and you have to update your WhatsApp You will not be able to use WhatsApp until you update WhatsApp

How to update WhatsApp without Play Store?

Although Google Play Store is present in all phones, so that anyone can install or update their WhatsApp or other applications very easily and if you are an iPhone user, then you can also go to the Apple Store and click on your You can update whatsapp but right now you want to update your whatsapp without google play store then you have to download whatsapp apk and install it then your whatsapp will be updated but during this you have to keep in mind that what you want Download apk it should have latest version

WhatsApp APK Android : Download Now

does whatsapp update automatically?

No whatsapp is not updated automatically but whenever whatsapp update comes it is present on google play store you can update it from there and if you don’t then after few weeks you will not be able to use whatsapp and then you have to need to update whatsapp

does whatsapp update delete messages?

No, updating WhatsApp does not delete any message, you are using WhatsApp as before, in the same way, even after updating WhatsApp, it runs with the same setting, only new features are added to it. Which are provided by the company in the new version and maybe with more security because with each update companies improve their applications fix bugs in them

Does WhatsApp have to be deleted to update WhatsApp?

No you don’t need to delete your whatsapp to update whatsapp rather you have to update your whatsapp by going to google play store and any setting of your whatsapp will not delete message anything, whatsapp update is absolutely safe

Why whatsapp update pending?

If your WhatsApp update is showing pending then it may be that there is a problem with the internet connection or some other application installed in your Google Play Store is updating, the main reason for WhatsApp update pending is that any other application update at the present time. or installing, but if it happens for a long time and you are sure that no other applications are installed or updated

So first of all go to your phone’s settings and go to the application setting and go to the play store app, click on it, click on storage, click on “clear data” in it and click on ok but if you do not have this setting in your phone If you are getting it, then you go to the settings of your Google Play Store application, first of all you close all the applications and touch the Google Play Store and hold it for 2 seconds and click on App info and click on the storage “Clear” Click on “Data” and click on OK

is it important to update whatsapp?

Yes it is very important to update whatsapp because every date new features are added or improved in whatsapp so if you don’t update your whatsapp then you will be able to use with its old feature but so You will not be able to do for a long time because if you do not update your WhatsApp for a few weeks then your WhatsApp will stop working automatically and you will have to update your WhatsApp under compulsion 

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