How to update WhatsApp new version

From time to time there are updates of WhatsApp in which various types of improvements are made and new new features are included, and if the update comes and you use your WhatsApp for a long time without update, then after some time WhatsApp you will be shown a notification after which you have to update your WhatsApp, and if you do not update then you will not be able to use WhatsApp, and the information on updating WhatsApp is given below.

how to update whatsapp

  1. First go to google play store
  2. search whatsapp
  3. Click on Update Button

Your WhatsApp application will start updating and make sure that your Internet is turned on, because if your Internet is not on then you will not be able to update your WhatsApp application, and how long it will take to update your WhatsApp depends on your Internet on speed.

How to update WhatsApp without Play Store

If you do not want to update your WhatsApp from Google Play Store, then you can use sites for this, because there are many such websites which store the application, and take the option of downloading but we do not want to update WhatsApp. For this you will use the official website of WhatsApp.

  1. First go to
  2. Click on download button and download WhatsApp APK file will start
  3. Open that file and click on Install button

Does updating WhatsApp delete old data?

This is a very lotus question because many people have no idea at all, that if we will update our whatsapp then what changes can happen after that, then first of all you have to be sure about that any of your whatsapp The data will be deleted, because when you update your WhatsApp, none of your WhatsApp data will be deleted, nor will any setting change, but your WhatsApp will work as before, just your WhatsApp will include those new features which That WhatsApp has been provided by the company in the new version.

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