How to update Google chrome

How to update Google chrome browser in mobile and computer

If you are a mobile user or a computer user, then definitely you must be using the Internet, then for this you will need a web browser through which you can use the Internet, there are many web browsers for this, but today we are going to talk about Chrome browser, Chrome browser is the most used web browser and it is completely safe to use, in this you get different types of features, which makes it easy to use.

how to update google chrome

If you want to update Chrome browser, then there are many ways to update it, such as downloading Chrome installer or package from external websites, which is used a lot, but today we will tell you how to update Chrome through Chrome itself, Because if you use any web browser, then updates keep coming from time to time, which is necessary to do.

If you have old version software of Chrome Browser in your system, then what can you do, those who do not know how to update, delete that Chrome software from the system and download the new version Chrome software then use it but it is not necessary to do so. Because even without deleting, we can update the old version of Chrome browser to the new version, that too online without any problem, so let’s learn how to update Chrome.

update MY google chrome browser computer

  •  To update Chrome browser on computer or laptop, first of all, open your Chrome browser.
  • After opening the browser, you have to go up on the right side of the page, where you will see three dots above and you have to click on that three dot, something like the photo given below.
  • After clicking on this, you will get to see many options, in which you will see an option named help below, on which you have to click, as soon as you click on it, you will get to see 3 options again, one of which is Option About Google Chrome. On which you have to click, something like the photo given below


  • On clicking About Google Chrome, a page will open where your Google Chrome will start to be updated automatically and after waiting for some time, Chrome Update will be successful and then you click on Relaunch and now your Chrome with Latest Feature It will start and if your Chrome is already updated then it will not be updated and you will see something written like this Google Chrome is up to date then you understand that your Chrome is already updated, something like the photo below shown in

Google Chrome is up to date

So in this way you can easily update Google Chrome on your computer or laptop.

How to update mobile chrome

Updating Chrome in Android Phone is very easy.

  • To update Chrome in Smart Phone, it is necessary to have Play Store in our Android Phone because almost all the Apps of Smart Phone are downloaded and updated from Play Store itself.
  • First of all, you open the Play store, after that you will see a gmail account on the top right side, click on it, just like it has been done in the photo below.

Google Chrome is up to date

  • On clicking on the account, a page will open, but the option of My Apps & Games will be given, you click on it.

Google Chrome

  • After clicking on My Apps & Games, you will reach your App List and all the apps installed in your phone will be visible here, then it will start updating as soon as you click on Chrome App, if your internet is fast then update soon. Otherwise you will have to wait for a while and then your chrome will be updated.

My Apps & Game

So in this way you can update Google Chrome of your Android Phone.

Benefits of Chrome Update

There are many benefits of updating Google Chrome, Chrome software is updated by the company only when an improvement has been made in it, such as if it has some shortcomings, then it has been corrected and or a new feature has been added so that the user Chrome is interested to use it, in this, the user gets many new features so that he can do his work on Chrome in a more correct way. When the new update comes in Google Chrome, there is some improvement to be seen. If so, then we can understand what are the benefits of updating Chrome and why Chrome should be updated.

Chrome data on update

If you are thinking of updating your Chrome browser, then this question definitely comes in your mind that by updating Chrome, my previous data will be safe or not, then for your information, let me tell you that your setting will be same after updating. 

How to update Google chrome

What is the latest version of Chrome now

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