How to update Android phone software

Whenever there is a new update of the phone’s software, we are notified through a notification, but most people ignore it because they have no idea what it is and why and what we have to do about it. , and this is the reason why most of the people are not able to update the software of their android phone, whereas we must install all the upcoming android software update, because from this we can get to see new features although it will slow down the mobile speed. It doesn’t matter much, but still after updating Android software, our phone becomes much better than before, we get more features.

And you can update your Android software in two ways, in which the first option is the company-provided update and the second is offline update, but you do not need offline update at all, you only need to update online. And if online update is also not available then there is no need to update your android software because no new update is issued by your mobile company which you installed in your old mobile software. Could do

How to update Android software to the latest version

To update Android software, first you have to check in your phone whether any software update is available in your mobile or not.

  1. First go to your phone’s Settings and click on System Update
  2. If the update is available then it will appear click on download, and if the update is not available then “the system is already the latest version” will appear
  3. Update is available then click download
  4. After the download is complete click on the install button and click on OK

Now you don’t have to do anything, the whole process will be managed by your Android, will update your latest Android software with your old software and you have to be a little patient, there is nothing to fear because it may take some time. which can be around 20+ minutes

will software update delete my data android

Many people are afraid to update the software of their mobile just because the data of their mobile may not be deleted due to updating, but it does not happen at all because whenever the company provides software update and you give it When you update, your mobile data such as media, files, contacts, applications, etc. are all protected, and only the software is updated, and nothing is deleted. You can rest assured to update your mobile software. Huh

How long does software update take on Android

Software update depends on many factors and your software may be updated in just a few minutes or it may take hours and it already depends on how your internet speed is. That is, when the Android software update comes, first you have to download it, and after that you will be able to install it in your phone and the size of downloading the software update can be from 500 MB to 2 GB, then In such a situation, you should have high speed internet otherwise it will take a lot of time for you to download the update only.

And if you have downloaded the software to your android then the installation may take around 20 minutes, and it also depends on how your mobile is performing, if your mobile performs very fast It will take less time than this, but if your mobile is slow responding then it may take you more time, or it may take you up to 20 minutes or even more so if your mobile is very slow. If it runs slow, then before updating your Android software, make sure that your mobile battery is sufficiently charged.

Why do Android updates take so long

Android software update may take around 20 minutes or maybe even more, but usually it is completed in 20 to 25 minutes, and even more if your phone is very slow And you have to keep new that you do not have to do any tampering during the Android software update, it is an automatic process that completes itself.

what will happen after software update

Android software updates are always coming, no matter which company’s phone you are using, and many people have this illusion that after updating Android software, their mobile will start running very fast, but it is not like that at all. It happens, not all Android software updates increase the speed of the mobile, rather it depends on what improvements the company has made in that update, and when you have downloaded the software update of your phone and installed it. When you click on the install button, it is told what changes can be made.

The update of Android software mainly adds new features to the mobile and also changes the interface of the mobile, while there is no effect on the data of the mobile and all the updates have different features or in a more simple way. Features to manage the phone can be provided.

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