How to tweet on Twitter

Twitter is a very famous social media site and it has attracted you too because now you have also become interested in tweeting, although tweeting is very easy maybe you are a beginner so you are having problems with it.

No problem, you can learn to tweet on Twitter through this article, by the way, you have to write your content by going to Twitter like you do on Facebook, but you will only find it if you have a Twitter account.

A tweet is also a simple post in the same way as other sites like on Facebook, Linkedin, etc. So if you do not have a twitter account, get information from here, and create your twitter account, how to create a twitter account.

How to tweet on Twitter

  • Open your Twitter mobile app and click on the homepage, you’ll find a text button, click on it
  • Click on the pen button
  • Type your Tweet, or you can also add photos by clicking on the photo option.
  • If you want, you can change the comment option for this tweet by clicking “Who can reply”, in this you will get only three options, one of which is already applied i.e. “Everyone”
  • Apart from this, you will get the option of “People you follow” and the third is “Only people you mention”.
  • Select the option of “Only people you mention” if you want to turn off the comment for this tweet
  • Click on the tweet button after writing Tweet
  • How to tweet on twitter

your Tweet will be posted on Twitter, which may be available to you on the homepage, but if you do not find your Tweet on the Twitter homepage you can go to your Twitter timeline to find it.

All your tweets will appear on your Twitter timeline, whether you’ve tweeted them today or a long time ago. Click on your profile picture on the homepage to go on your Twitter timeline, you will reach your Twitter timeline.

You can see your tweets by scrolling the page.

How to tweet on Twitter by computer

  • Open twitter
  • On the homepage you will find a text box, click on that text box and write your tweet, also click on “Who can reply” for comment setting and choose your desired option as we have mentioned in the mobile twitter method above.
  • How to tweet on twitter
  • Click on the Tweet button, now you can see that your Tweet has been posted on Twitter by going to your Twitter timeline.
  • Click on the Tweet button, now you can go to your Twitter timeline and see if your Tweet has been posted on Twitter.

With this process, you can post as many tweets as you want and delete them and we have already written a post about deleting twitter tweet, perhaps you don’t need to tell you again in this post.

If you want, you can delete your tweets by reading this post, how to delete tweets. I hope you did not face any problem in tweeting and if you want, you can also create a poll in Tweet that you can read about in the next article.

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