How to Turn on location

However, if you want to share your live location in the latest phone at this time, if you want to see your current location, then you have to turn on the location of your phone, but those earlier phones have to use Google Maps without even turning on the location. I could see the location, but in that condition Google Map was not able to tell our actual location and if you also have such a phone and you want to share your location with someone, then first you have to turn on the GPS location of your phone. You should do this, because if you do not do this, then that person will have the wrong location, and if you have the latest phone then you do not need to worry, because in the latest phone without the location turned on, you will not be able to share the live location. can do.

how to turn on location in mobile

  1. go to your phone’s settings
  2. Click on Location
  3. enable location button

Your phone’s location has been activated, now you can find your actual location using Google Maps and can also share it.

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