How to turn on data saver, Data saver meaning in english

Data saver is such a mod that helps to save our internet data, because in such an attempt is made to use the least amount of data in using online services, and mainly data saver mode for you. Can prove to be more beneficial when you use a very limited data plan.

What is data saver

Data saver is an internet data saving mode which is provided in mobile and in different types of applications, if you use data saver mode then you can save up to 10 – 20% data, but what type you It also depends on what data saver you use.

device data saver

When you use your phone’s data saver then no application will be able to use the internet in the background, suppose if you turn on your phone’s data saver then you will not know until you open your WhatsApp Whether the message has arrived on your WhatsApp or not, but an additional option is given in it, so that you can give permissions to those applications which are necessary for you, when you turn on your device’s data saver, you will get the whitelist application In which you can include those applications that you want to allow full Internet access even when the data saver is on, and other applications will not be able to use Internet service in the background.

And in this type of data saver you will not be able to save a lot of data, because suppose if you use google chrome etc and visit any webpage then that page will consume full data.

Specific App/Website Data Saver

When you turn on Data Saver on a specific application or website, you can save up to 10 to 20% of your data, and in this condition all applications and websites, etc., which you have given permission, can use the data in the background. , but the specific application in which you will turn on the data saver will use the least amount of data, if you use Google Chrome, by turning on the data saver in Google Chrome, you can save 100 – 200 MB by using about 1 GB of data. .

how to turn on data saver

All devices have the option of data saver, by which you can save data, but if you want to enable data saver mode in a specific application, it can be difficult for some applications, because data from all applications Doesn’t offer saver mode option.

how to install data saver in mobile

  1. First of all go to your phone’s settings
  2. Switch to Dual SIM and mobile network
  3. Click on Data traffic management
  4. Click on Data Saving Mode
  5. Turn on Data saving button
  6. Click on Whitelist Apps
  7. Click on Enable button of those applications on which you do not want to apply data saver mode

Data saver mode has been enabled in your phone, and the data saver mode will not be applied to the applications you have launched, and they will still be able to use the internet service in the background, and other applications can use the internet service in the background. will not be able to use.

how to turn on data saver mode in an app/google chrome

To enable data saver mode in a specific application, it is necessary that the data saver mode is turned on in that application, so below is an example of Google Chrome which has the option of data saver mode.

  1. first open google chrome
  2. click on three dot
  3. go to setting
  4. Click on Lite Mode
  5. Turn on Lite mode button

What are the benefits of turning on Data Saver

By turning on Data Saver, applications are not able to use the Internet service in the background, which reduces the consumption of your phone’s battery and also saves your data pack.

What are the disadvantages of turning on data saver

If you install applications on your phone that need to run in the background, such as WhatsApp, Google Pay, etc., the data saver can prove to be harmful for you, and if you turn on the data saver, in such a situation you will have to stop the applications. You should include in the white list, who you want to be able to use the Internet service even in the background.

In this article you learned how to turn on Data Saver, we hope this information will prove useful to you.


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