How to turn on computer

The computer can be started by pressing the power button, but for this it is necessary that the computer is getting power supply, and if there is a laptop, it has an internal battery, which can be started without electricity, but a computer Requires a UPS or electricity.

How to Turn on my computer

  1. Connect all the hardware of the computer such as CPU, monitor, keyboard mouse etc.
  2. plug the computer power
  3. Press the computer’s power button, wait for the computer to switch on, which may take up to 1 minute

how to turn on laptop

Because the battery is present in the laptop, due to which there is no need to connect the laptop to electricity or UPS, but if your laptop battery is charged then you can directly start your laptop.

  1. press the power button of your laptop
  2. Wait for the laptop to turn on this may take up to 1 minute

What is the shortcut key to start the computer

There is no shortcut key to turn on the computer, but the computer and laptop are turned on by the power button itself, because until you turn on your computer with the power button, the other buttons on your computer won’t work.

There is a problem starting the computer

If your computer takes time to turn on or there is a problem, such as you have to press the enter button several times after pressing the power button of the computer, or you have to face other types of problems, it means that You turn off your computer directly, that is, if you turn off your computer directly with the power button, remove your computer’s power plug directly when the computer is on, or turn on your laptop’s battery. If you take it out in the condition, your computer may have problem in starting, because it is risky to shut down the computer directly, in such a situation, your computer system hangs more. Even if the computer software crashes, the computer should always be shut down with the shutdown option and not directly.

In this article, you learned how to turn on the computer and open a laptop, we hope this information will prove useful to you.

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