How to turn off YouTube autoplay

YouTube’s algorithm is really amazing from which it decides in which videos you’re interested, YouTube decides based on your watched videos, your feedback, channel subscriptions, Which video would you like to see later after the current playing video.

And also YouTube gives us the option of autoplay so that we will not have to play the next video and that the next video will play automatically.

Autoplay will automatically play the next video after the current playing video until you manually stop, so let’s know how to autoplay YouTube.

For Mobile users

How to turn on YouTube autoplay

Open youtube and play any videos
Once anywhere on the video, the autoplay button will appear which is disabled, click on it, your YouTube autoplay will be turned on.

YouTube autoplay kaise on kare

How to turn off YouTube autoplay

If the next video playing automatically on your that you don’t like you can turn off the Youtube autoplay.

Disable enabled autoplay button, autoplay will turn off

YouTube autoplay kaise band kare

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For Desktop users

How to turn off YouTube autoplay

open and play a video

in the right video sidebar, you will find the autoplay button above the videos, click on it and enable the autoplay button, autoplay will be turned on.

How to turn on or off YouTube autoplay

If you want to turn off autoplay just disable that button, autoplay will turn off.

How to turn off YouTube autoplay
How do I stop YouTube videos from playing automatically

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