how to turn off facebook video autoplay

If you are a Facebook user and videos are played automatically while using Facebook, this can be a big problem because when you scroll the page, the displayed video will play automatically.

And even if we’re not interested in that video, still that video will be played automatically, although if you’re on the Facebook homepage there maybe not too many videos, but if you’re in the Facebook video section, it can consume more data.

Because in this condition, apart from the video currently played, many other videos are loaded for about 5 seconds, whether you want to watch it or not, you can understand how much data you will waste if you have not turned off the Facebook video autoplay.

So if you do not want any video to play automatically on your Facebook, you should turn off Facebook video autoplay, and if you do not have much data and you are a Facebook user then it is more important for you that turn off the Facebook video autoplay, so that there is no extra consumption of data.

How to Turn off Facebook video autoplay

  • First, open Facebook and click on three dots
  • Turn off Facebook video autoplay
  • Scroll to page and click on setting
  • Turn off Facebook video autoplay
  • At the end you will get the option of “Autoplay video”, click on it.
  • Click on autoplayDisable the video autoplay button, your Facebook video autoplay will be turned off, now you can go to Facebook videos and check video autoplay has been turned off.

Now any video will play on your Facebook only when you manually play it, and this will save a lot of data.

Disadvantages of Facebook Video Autoplay

Although Facebook autoplay does not have any significant disadvantages, it has two minor and very common problems and you should pay attention to these things

  1. Facebook video autoplay is on, so whenever we watch a video on Facebook watch, along with the currently playing video, the next few videos are also loaded automatically for a few seconds, which unnecessarily wastes our data, so we suggest Will suggest that you turn off your Facebook video autoplay so that you can save your data to some extent but if you have unlimited plan then there is no need to turn it off, rest is up to you
  2. The second biggest problem is that the videos that we do not want to see are played automatically when we scroll down the page and even if we do not want to watch that video, we start watching it, in such a situation, our time is wasted a lot. When you turn off Facebook Auto, calling this page will do nothing but only play the videos you want to play.

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