How to turn of comments on Facebook

If you are getting comments from unknown people on your Facebook posts and there are comments that are not appropriate, you can delete those comments if you want, and if you want, you can change the setting of the comment. So that any unknown person will not be able to comment on any of your Facebook posts such as photos, videos, texts, and if he has already commented, you can also delete it, no matter what group you think. Are you or you can manage the comment setting of your post or any page post, if you are the admin of that post.

How to turn off comments on all Facebook posts

  1. First go to Facebook and click on 3rd line and click on setting
  2. Scroll the page and click on Public Posts
  3. Scroll down the page and click on Friends in Public Post Comments

Although this will not completely turn off the comment setting on your Facebook posts, but after doing this setting, only those people who are in your friend list will be able to comment on your posts, and this setting is going to be especially beneficial for you when You want that no unknown person can comment on any of your Facebook posts.

How to turn off comments on a single Facebook post

If you want to turn off commenting on only one of your Facebook posts, you do not have to turn it off by going to the setting, because when we turn off the comment from the setting, that setting applies to all our posts, but if If you want to turn off comments in only one Facebook post, then go to the settings of that post.

  1. Go to your Facebook post and click 3 dot
  2. Click on “Who can comment on your Facebook post”
  3. Click Friends, or click @ to select some people for whom you want to leave comments on and off for others, and if you select Friends, all those people can comment on your Facebook posts. Find who is on your friend list
  4. Click on Done

How to delete Facebook comments

If you have commented on someone’s Facebook post or group or page and you want to delete it, or want to edit that comment, you can do it very easily.

  1. First go to the Facebook post in which you commented and want to delete it
  2. Your comment will appear on it, touch and hold for 2 seconds
  3. click delete
  4. Delete your comment by clicking OK

How to delete someone’s comment on Facebook

If you want to delete a comment that someone else has made on one of your posts, you can delete it, but if you have commented on someone else’s post, you will not be able to delete that comment, because To delete any comment, you must have admin authority, if you are not the admin of that post, you will not be able to delete the comment of anyone other than your comment.

  1. Go to your post whose comment you want to delete
  2. If you want to delete this comment, touch on it and hold for 2 seconds.
  3. Click on Delete, click on OK to confirm the deletion

Although you can turn off comments on your Facebook posts according to the procedure described above, but we do not recommend doing so at all because if comments are turned off in your Facebook posts, people may be more interested in your Facebook posts. Will not come, but if any person makes inflammatory or any kind of wrong comment on any of your sent post, you can close the comment.

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