How to take WhatsApp backup

If you want to shift from one phone to another, then there are many challenges because all the data of our old phone remains in our old phone, while we want it in our new phone also, then like this Google has tools for Photos, Contacts, etc. And if you use WhatsApp, then you do not get the WhatsApp chats of your old phone in your phone, but if your chats are very important then we would suggest that you must make a backup of your WhatsApp, because in such a situation All our chats are uploaded to Google Drive, and if we delete WhatsApp or want to do our WhatsApp in another phone, then all the data gets back to us.

How to take WhatsApp backup

Note: If you have many contacts in your WhatsApp and you have set too many then your WhatsApp backup size can be very big, which may take time to be backed up and this time depends on your internet speed. If there is no problem with this then you can do it but we would suggest that first of all you delete such chats from your WhatsApp which are of no use, because by doing this the size of WhatsApp backup file will be greatly reduced and you can easily create and your backup will be ready in no time.

  1. First of all go to your whatsapp and click on three dot click on setting
  2. Click on Chats Click on Chat Backup
  3. Lastly, click on Backup over and click on Cellular data or WiFi
  4. Click on Google Account
  5. All Gmail accounts in your phone will be visible, click on the Gmail on which you want to backup your WhatsApp
  6. Now a new window will open click on allow
  7. Click on only when I tap “backup now” in Backup to google drive
  8. Now click on the top up backup now
  9. After that again click on back up

your WhatsApp chats backup will start and in a while your WhatsApp chats will be backed up, and how long it will take depends on the size of your WhatsApp chat.

how to take whatsapp backup from android to iphone

Right now if you want to restore it by creating your WhatsApp chat backup on cross-platform then there is a similar process for that too, but in some conditions it may be a little different and also depends on you because if you want to use the same email If you want, which you used in your old phone, then you have to make your backup in normal way, restore WhatsApp chat by login email, but if you want to backup your chat from your old phone only by yourself To restore your phone or iPhone, you’ll need a new email address.

  1. First of all create a new email account in your android mobile on which you can create your whatsapp backup
  2. Go to the Settings of your WhatsApp account automatically and click on Chats
  3. Click on Google Account and select the email address you want to use on your new Android phone or iPhone
  4. Give permission by clicking on Allow
  5. Come back and click on the back-up now button, wait for the WhatsApp backup to complete
  6. Go to your iPhone’s Settings, go to Email Services and add your Gmail account
  7. Now install WhatsApp on your iPhone and create your WhatsApp account by entering your mobile number
  8. Click on Restore
  9. Select your email account on which you created WhatsApp backup and continue
  10. The backup will be restored in a few seconds and set up the account by entering your name, and when your WhatsApp account is ready, all your chats that were present in that backup will come

How to restore WhatsApp chat

If you have made a backup of your WhatsApp chats, then after deleting WhatsApp or you get a new phone then you can restore your WhatsApp chats in it.

  1. First of all install WhatsApp in your phone and complete the verification by entering your mobile number
  2. Click on Restore (If you haven’t logged in to your Android phone with the Gmail account on which you backed up your WhatsApp, then login first)
  3. Now click on the Gmail account in which you created your WhatsApp backup and give permission
  4. In just few seconds your WhatsApp backup will be restored and enter your name and complete your account.

Where is WhatsApp backup stored

When you create a backup of your WhatsApp chats, it is uploaded to your Google account and your WhatsApp chats will be uploaded to your Google Account, the Google account that you add in your WhatsApp chat backup settings.

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