How to study online

Although there was not so much focus on online studies, but due to the arrival of Kovid-19, online education gained momentum very fast, and even a time will come when students will be able to study only and only online, His offline studies were completely stopped because due to the increase of corona, all the college schools etc. were closed, in such a situation, the student was left with the option of online study only and only online education for this covid. Made a very important contribution during -19.

how to study online on mobile

YouTube is used the most for online studies, in such a situation we can understand things better, because things are also shown practically on YouTube, and the way of explaining is also very unique and one The same topic is told and explained by many different teachers, so according to our choice, we can apply online through YouTube from any teacher who wants to study according to our choice, whose way of explaining is better, and in this we will also have to pay fees. There is no need to give, just we should have internet connection, we can apply online through youtube.

how to study online with app

There are many such applications which come for doing live study but a lot of money is demanded for it, and it is done for specific education like preparing for a competition etc. But you probably will not need any such application, because Many contacts are available on YouTube for free and the Kovid-19 pandemic is also almost over, due to which all colleges and schools have opened, you can also study towards offline education.

how to study online on whatsapp

Online studies on WhatsApp can be done only when a teacher is guiding you or your school or college is guiding you, and in such a situation, most schools use a college WhatsApp group, or if you want, coaching You can also study online on WhatsApp with a teacher, but you will not get much flexibility in studying this way.

What are the benefits of online education

There are many benefits of online education but we will suggest online education only when you are not able to go to your school or college or you have completed your college, you have to study to go to a specific industry, Because there are advantages of online education but its disadvantages are also many, so when the option of offline education is present, then the option of offline education should be adopted, otherwise you can also adopt online education.

  • If ever there is a condition that you are unable to go to your college or school then you can use online education
  • If you need information on a specific topic, then online education can prove to be the most helpful because there are many such questions, which we are not able to ask our teacher, or the teacher does not even have the answers to those questions. In such a situation, in online education, we get answers to our questions.
  • In many colleges and schools, only theory is done, whereas in online education, we are also shown practical, which is very important for our understanding.
  • Anytime and at any time we can take online education

What are the disadvantages of online education

There are more disadvantages than the advantages of online education, so use online education only if you are unable to water offline education, otherwise we will explain that you should focus more on offline education, because it will develop your all-round.

  • Looking at the computer and mobile screen for a long time has a bad effect on the eyes.
  • While studying in online education, we can see advertisements which act as a hindrance to education.
  • Do not mind, if you are taking online education, then during this time many students do not even feel like studying.
  • Our all round development stops, which is because of taking offline education, we meet our friends, teachers and different types of people, if there are different types of conversations then we get a different environment whereas in online education this is not the case.

Note: If you want to study online then probably you will not need to buy any kind of premium application, because YouTube has become a platform on which there is no shortage of videos on any topic, no matter what class you want. I have online classes for all the subject of that class are available on youtube, which you can read for free, all you have to do is search the lesson of that subject on youtube, and you will get to read about that lesson.

how to teach small children online

If it is about the education of young children, then do not motivate them to study online at all, as much as possible they have had through offline education, because online education is very important for young children as much as small children. As soon as possible, attention should be paid to offline education, because offline education leads to all round development of children.

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